Out Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Whenever’

Out Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Whenever’

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger drops his latest music video, “Whenever,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As folks think on celebrating their relationships, Motsinger says his new bop is about being single and being ok with waiting for the right someone.

I chatted with the talented ginger about the track, his plans for V-Day and more.

The Randy Report: Your new music video, “Whenever,” is way cute. What was the inspiration behind the project?

Kyle Motsinger: Thank you! I started thinking a few months ago that “Whenever” could be a great Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day video. I think about how fun that holiday was in grade school. I remembered making construction paper hearts and other crafts in class. The hanging hearts in the video are straight out of my first-grade class!

Everything else fell into place. I found a great photography space in Brooklyn called Egg Studios that had multiple colored backdrops and my director, Tyler Milliron, (Milliron Studios) got the idea to do stick puppets from a production of Beauty and the Beast that he filmed the prologue for. I liked the theatricality of that. This video is very me. haha

TRR: It seems every romantic comedy and pop song promotes finding “fulfillment” in a relationship as if being single is a ‘tragedy.’ But “Whenever” comes across like the ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ song for folks who are single and doing A-okay. Was that your message?

KM: Well, it’s not exactly anti-Valentine’s Day. I’m totally happy for couples celebrating it. I also think loving yourself and your loved ones should be celebrated on that day and every day. See my video for “Love on Each Other!

However, it’s definitely also a singles anthem and a message to those who are single to not worry about it. It’ll happen “Whenever” it happens.

Out Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Whenever’

TRR: There’s a lot of truth in your lyric, “When you least expect it, that’s when hearts collide.” I remember desperately wanting a boyfriend years ago. Honest to god, it wasn’t until I let go of that that I met my husband (of 25 years now).

KM: I love that! Congrats on 25 years! My last and most serious relationship happened when I wasn’t looking. I’m definitely on a few dating apps but I don’t check them much and haven’t really dated from them. I’d rather spend “Some Enchanted Evening” seeing “a stranger across a crowded room.” There’s that musical theatre again!

TRR: Since we’re talking about romantical situations, inquiring minds want to know – are you coupled up or happily single?

I’m happily single and have been for a few years. I won’t say no to someone that comes into my life if they’re the right one.

TRR: Besides releasing your new music video, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

KM: I’ll be with my friends at a party. I love them dearly so there won’t be a lack of heart in my Valentine’s Day! Thanks, Randy! I hope you and your husband have a great one too!

I love Kyle’s creative approach to his music and videos. I most recently shared his “Parallel Universes” music video in November.

Check out the uber-upbeat music video for “Whenever” below. You can find the track on iTunes here.