New Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Bad Years’

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger drops new single 'Bad Years'
Out singer/song writer Kyle Motsinger (promo photo)

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger reflects on the long, arduous road he’s travelled in the pursuit of his rock star dreams with his new single, “Bad Years.”

I dream of a future when we’ll say
Those were the bad years / Those were the bad years
All of our troubles gone away
Those were the bad years / Those were the bad years

“It’s been challenging with daily obstacles like waking up to find my bank account overdrawn and having to call mom and dad for grocery money,” says Motsinger. “Or promoting a show at the venue I always dreamed of playing to only have one friend show up.”

“It can be pretty humiliating and soul-crushing,” he adds. “You start to wonder if anyone cares or if you are even talented.”

Still, Motsinger emphasizes the message of the new song is “a hopeful and encouraging one.”

“It is about how things can and will get better if you hold on,” he shares from his Manhattan home. “One day, you will look back from a better place.”

Kyle Motsinger was born and raised in a small, conservative town of five hundred people near Peoria, Illinois. “I grew up singing Broadway tunes in the middle of cornfields,” he remembers.

After college, he moved to NYC where he performed in several Off-Broadway productions including Fancy Nancy The Musical, a show based off the popular children’s books. Motsinger originated the rapping shark role and can be heard on the show’s cast album. “I am the OG baby shark,” he laughs.

The talented ginger has released two full-length albums, Far Away and Any Way I Want It To. He’s also released six singles including “Dark Shadows,” based on the gothic 1960s series and the film by Tim Burton.

You can check out my coverage of his previous releases here.


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Today, Motsinger has channeled his mid-30s career frustrations into a new batch of songs scheduled to appear on an upcoming album. Like “Bad Years,” much of the material muses on life’s struggles and finding joy in conflict.

“I think ‘Bad Years’ is the best piece I’ve written so far,” says Motsinger. “I’m proud of it and I really believe in it.”

“The song is inspirational and the first of several stories I will be sharing that will hopefully encourage people to battle through and persevere,” he adds. “I, for one, am ever the dreamer!”

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