Kevin Spacey Found Not Liable In Anthony Rapp Sexual Abuse Case

In 80 minutes of deliberations, a jury found Oscar winner Kevin Spacey was not liable in a civil sexual abuse trail brought by  actor Anthony Rapp.
Kevin Spacey (image via Depositphotos)

In 80 minutes of deliberations, a jury found Oscar winner Kevin Spacey not liable in a civil sexual abuse trial brought by actor Anthony Rapp.

Rapp had accused Spacey of sexual abuse during a party at Spacey’s apartment in 1986 when both actors were appearing on Broadway in separate productions. Continue reading “Kevin Spacey Found Not Liable In Anthony Rapp Sexual Abuse Case”

Docu-Series ‘House Of Hammer’ + More News

Armie Hammer

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Instinct Magazine: Defamed actor Armie Hammer and his family are at the center of a new documentary series by Discovery+,  House of Hammer, which follows five generations of Hammer men and their alleged abuses of power. In 2021, Hammer faced past comments of rape fantasies, the desire to inflict pain on his partners, and admitting to being “100% a cannibal.” Continue reading “Docu-Series ‘House Of Hammer’ + More News”

News Round-Up: May 27, 2021

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista and friends
Dave Bautista and friends (via Instagram)
Dave Bautista and friends (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

Yahoo News: 52-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista (center above) was asked about a shirtless, speedo-clad photo he took while down under in Australia. “I guess, when in Australia!” the retired wrestler joked on during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Outsports: The LGBTQ sports site has compiled a list of all of the 2021 Pride Nights taking place throughout Major League Baseball. Currently, 17 teams have scheduled a Pride Night on their 2021 calendars.

Axios: New studies indicate those who’ve recovered from COVID-19 and got vaccinated won’t need boosters, per the New York Times. However, those who weren’t infected but were vaccinated will likely need boosters. Check out the graphic below tracking the increase/decrease of COVID-19 cases over the past year.

Graphic showing increase/decrease of COVID infections for past year
(graphic via Axios)

ABC News: Joseph Costello, a high school freshman, will have his college education paid for thanks to getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Joseph, of Englewood, Ohio, was announced Wednesday as the winner of a full-ride, four-year scholarship – with room, board, tuition and books – in Ohio’s Vax-a-Million lottery. Additionally, an Ohio couple won the first weekly million-dollar prize in a separate drawing.

Variety: Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave is now distancing herself from the proposed Italian film, “The Man Who Drew God,” which has been announced as Kevin Spacey’s return to acting. The actress was reportedly attached to the project which is expected to be directed by her husband of 15 years, Franco Nero.

HuffPost: Lil Nas X says he’ll “never trust pants again” after his SNL wardrobe malfunction. The Grammy winner set the record straight about splitting his pants on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, assuring fans the wardrobe malfunction was not a publicity stunt.

Kevin Spacey Returns To Acting As ‘Sex Abuse Investigator’

Kevin Spacey broke his silence today regarding the new charges of sexual assault raised in the UK
Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey

Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey will play a ‘sex abuse investigator’ in his first acting role since sexual assault accusations derailed his career nearly four years ago.

The Oscar winner will appear in an Italian drama titled, The Man Who Drew God, which will also star Vanessa Redgrave.

Redgrave’s husband, Franco Nero, will direct the film as well as star as a blind artist falsely accused of sex abuse, according to The Independent.

Spacey will reportedly play a detective investigating the wrongfully accused artist.

“I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film,” Nero told ABC News. “I consider him a great actor, and I can’t wait to start the movie.”

In the fall of 2017, Spacey experienced a slew of allegations of sexual misconduct which brought his career to an utter and complete halt.

Broadway and TV star Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery) claimed Spacey assaulted him at a party at Spacey’s New York City apartment in the 1980s when Rapp was 14-years-old.

Nearly 20 men accused Spacey of sexual misconduct during his time at London’s Old Vic Theatre between 1995 and 2013.

An anonymous massage therapist levels charges of sexual impropriety but the accuser died before a court could decide the matter.

And prosecutors in Massachusetts dropped charges against Spacey in 2019 in regard to allegations of groping an 18-year-old at a Nantucket bar in 2016. The case was dropped when the accuser invoked his 5th Amendment rights.

In response to the allegations, Spacey was dropped from his acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards. He was also replaced in the 2017 drama All the Time in the World. Christopher Plummer was tapped to reshoot all of Spacey’s scenes in the already-completed film and went on to score an Oscar nomination for his performance.

In a video message recorded last year, Spacey said experiencing his career coming to a “grinding, screeching halt” led him to ask himself, “If I can’t act, who am I?”

“I only valued and defined myself through work, that’s who I was,” said Spacey. “If that wasn’t going to be a possibility anymore then who am I? If all I’m left with is just me?”

Although he’s kept a low profile, for the past three years he has shared video messages on Christmas Eve, sometimes (perplexingly) in the persona of his House of Cards character.

According to IMDB, The Man Who Drew God will be released in Italy on October 5, 2021.

Kevin Spacey Is Back With His (Now) Annual Christmas Eve Video

Kevin Spacey broke his silence today regarding the new charges of sexual assault raised in the UK
Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey

Academy Award-winner (and accused sexual assaulter) Kevin Spacey posted his third-holiday video on his YouTube channel today.

I guess it’s a tradition now?

Titled “1-800 XMAS,” this year’s installment takes on a more somber tone than past years. Spacey chooses not to take on his ‘Frank Underwood’persona from House of Cards and instead speaks as himself to people struggling over the holiday season.

“If you’re standing in a place that you can no longer remain standing, if you’re suffering, if you need help, if you feel guilt or shame, if you’re struggling with your identity, if your back’s up against the wall, or if you feel that there is no path for you, whatever your situation, I promise you there is a path,” said Spacey. “At this time during this holiday and beyond, even if you don’t feel it, there are people out there who understand and who can help, because you are not alone.”

In essence, the video takes on an odd sort of ‘It Gets Better’ messaging.

Spacey shared his first ‘holiday’ video in 2018 in the aftermath of being accused of sexual misconduct with a young man in Massachusetts as well as allegations from actor Anthony Rapp. Recorded as what seemed to be his House of Cards character, the message appeared to be a veiled denial of the mounting accusations against him.

The Massachusetts man eventually invoked his 5th Amendment rights which led to the charges being dropped. And another accuser, a massage therapist, died before the case could go to court. That man’s estate decided to drop the allegations as well.

Last year’s video offered a message to folks that when people do something you don’t like, you should ‘kill them with kindness.