First-Ever Gay Couple On Cover Of ‘Parents’ Magazine And Conservatives Are Outraged

Inspirational fitness coach Shaun T (of the ‘Insanity’ workout) and his husband, Scott Blokker, cover the February issue of Parents magazine as they share their years-long journey to becoming parents to twins Silas and Sander.
Fitness guru Shaun T and hubby Scott cover the newest issue of PARENTS

A group of ‘Christian’ conservative consumers has lost their collective minds over a gay couple appearing on the cover of a mainstream parenting magazine.

Inspirational fitness coach Shaun T (of the ‘Insanity’ workout) and his husband, Scott Blokker, cover the February issue of Parents magazine as they share their years-long journey to becoming parents to twins Silas and Sander.

Shaun and Scott are the first-ever same-sex couple to appear on the cover of the 93 year history of the publication.

In the article, the couple chronicle the “twelve attempts, six egg donors, five surrogates, two doctors, one miscarriage, and thousands of dollars” they went through before the arrival of their children in November of 2017.

But the misleadingly-named ‘One Million Moms,’ an off-shoot of the anti-LGBTQ hate group American Family Association, are angry at the coverage.

In a blog post, the group moans, “Parents is using its magazine as a platform to promote the pro-homosexual lifestyle.”

No, they’re celebrating the joy of a happy family.

The group, whose Facebook page has nowhere near a million followers, whines that “Mothers and fathers are seeing more and more similar examples of children being indoctrinated to perceive same-sex couples as normal, especially in the media.”

The haters go on to say that “this agenda is a deal breaker,” although whose ‘deal’ is being broken isn’t clear.

They also accuse Parents of trying to “force a lifestyle on the American public that the medical community identifies as unhealthy.”

Ultimately, OMMs asks folks to sign a petition from which they can possibly harvest your email address for mass fundraising campaigns.

At this writing, the petition has garnered a tepid 7,500 signatures.

Fail. (sad trombone sound here)

I think Shaun, Scott and family are fabulous. Make sure you click over to the magazine website to read the article.

And since we’re here, let’s take a trip through the fitness buffs’ Instagram account, shall we?

Ricky Martin & Husband Announce Birth Of Their New Daughter

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef announce birth of their new daughter, Lucia
Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef announce birth of their new daughter, Lucia

Pop superstar Ricky Martin and husband Jwan Yosef have announced the birth of their baby daughter, Lucia Martin-Yosef.

Martin already has two sons, Valentino and Matteo, who are about 10-years-old.

Martin and Yosef, who married in January of 2018, both shared identical posts on their respective Instagrams.

“We are beyond happy to announce that we have become parents to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lucia Martin-Yosef,” wrote Martin. “It has been a special time for us and we cant wait to see where this stellar baby will take us. Both her beautiful brothers and me and Jwan have fallen in love with Lucia.”

A post shared by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on Dec 31, 2018 at 2:31pm PST

Congratulations to the happy couple, and Happy New Year!

News Round-Up: December 31, 2018

Said goodbye to 2018 with some dance time…

Some news items you might have missed:

• It’s the last dance for 2018! Hope you all get your Auld Lang Syne on!

• Former NSYNC boy-bander Lance Bass says he and hubby Michael Turchin are hoping to become parents in 2019.

• House Democrats say they won’t seat homophobic North Carolina Republican Mark Harris in the new Congress in light of possible election fraud allegations until a full investigation is completed.

• If you’re an Instagrammer, click here to get your #2018BestNine. Here’s mine and I’d pretty much agree. Tons of fun with hot hubby Michael, some Rome, some Mexico, some time alone. And meeting the luminous Angela Bassett was the fan-boy moment of the year 😉

• In an interview with The LA Times, outgoing White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says inside the West Wing, Donald Trump’s infamous ‘wall’ will not be a ‘wall.’ The idea of a solid concrete wall went out the window over a year ago, according to Kelly.

• For the first time ever, Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ featured a family with two dads.

• The US stock market has officially logged its worse year since 2008 when the Great Recession began. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ends the year down 5.6%, and the S&P 500 lost 6.2%. #SoMuchWinning

Israel: High Court Rules Same-Sex Parents Can Have Both Names On Child’s Birth Certificate

(photo: CC license)

In a huge win for gay/lesbian parents, Israel’s High Court of Justice has ruled that the government cannot refuse to list both same-sex parents on a child’s birth certificate.

The decision, issued on December 12, comes as the result of a lawsuit filed by a gay couple who had adopted a son.

According to The Times of Israel, when the two men tried to obtain a birth certificate with both of their names listed as the parents, officials at the Interior Ministry refused.

The court case was filed in conjunction with The Aguda, Israel’s LGBT Task Force, which advocates for gay rights.

The unanimous ruling, by a panel of three judges, noted the decision wasn’t just about the parents’ rights but the child’s right to be recognized as the couple’s son.

“The principle of ‘the good of the child’ argues for the recording of his entire family unit,” wrote Judge Neal Hendel, “and doesn’t permit us to limit ourselves to only one of his parents in the birth certificate.”

“The contrast with the treatment of a child adopted by a heterosexual couple, who has the right to have both adopted parents written in a birth certificate, is a contrast that applies both to the child and to the parents,” Hendel added. “It is unreasonable for the couple to be [legally] recognized as parents but for the certificate not to give expression to that fact.”

The high court decision orders the Interior Ministry to issue a birth certificate with both fathers’ names.

The Times of Israel notes that the ruling could affect two more LGBT parenting cases soon to arrive in the High Court of Justice.

One regards a lesbian couple suing to have both of their names on their child’s birth certificate even though only one woman has a biological link to the child, and the other concerns a transgender man who wishes to have his standing on his child’s birth certificate changed from ‘mother’ to ‘father.’

Report: Synagogue Shooting Occurred During Ceremony For Gay Couple’s Children

The mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday that left 11 dead and six more injured happened during a ceremony for the children of a gay couple.

According to local LGBTQ group, The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, the deadly attack occurred during a bris, the Jewish rite of male circumcision, for the couple’s adopted twins.

We were just informed that this morning’s tragedy was happening during a Briss for a set of twins adopted by a gay couple.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that were involved including the members of the Synagogue, law-enforcement and first responders.

We have witnessed the worst of America this morning in our town Pittsburgh. More than ever we must come together as people and change the temperament of our country.

After surrendering to police, assailant Robert D. Bowers said he “wanted all Jews to die,” according to a Pittsburgh police report.

Bowers was charged with 29 criminal accounts by federal officials.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, issued a statement which read, in part, “Our hearts are with the community of the Tree of Life Synagogue, the first responders who bravely rushed into danger to save lives, the people of Pittsburgh, and all those impacted by this tragic act of hate violence.”

Donald Trump, true to form, told reporters that gun laws had “little” to do with the shooting.

“If they had protection inside, maybe it could have been a different situation,” Trump said.

Mind you, four police officers – who are well-trained in using firearms – were injured during the shooting.

After the massacre, the Trumpster called for bringing “back the death penalty” through legislation even though the death penalty is legal in Pennsylvania.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise funds for the victims of the shooting and their families. At this writing, the campaign has raised almost $400,000.

Gay Parents Separated During ‘Family Boarding’ On Airline

(image via Twitter)

A same-sex couple traveling from San Francisco to Taipei via EVA Air was apparently told only one of the men could board the flight with their child during family boarding.

Attitude is reporting that Jeff Cobb and his husband made a point of getting to their gate at the San Francisco airport in order to board early and get settled with their 19-month-old child.

But upon arrival, Cobb was informed that it was airline policy to only allow ONE parent to board early with a child. But when Cobb joined his husband onboard after waiting in the normal line, it turns out straight families were allowed to board all together.

“My husband and I were told only one of us could join our 19 month old in the family boarding group of EVA Air 27 from SFO on 9/1/18,” Cobb shared via Twitter. “I explained we were both the fathers of the child, and they said it was their policy that only one parent can board…and the other has to wait in the normal line. Not having flown EVA before, I accepted it and let my husband and child go while I boarded later. When I met him on the plane, he said there were many other (straight) families all boarding together.”

When the family boarded their connecting flight on the same airline in Thailand, no one at the gate raised an issue of ‘one parent per child’ boarding.

Cobb expressed his consternation with EVA Air: “I’m very disappointed that the EVA ground staff at SFO thinks it’s ok to separate same-sex families during boarding. I will definitely not be flying this airline again after this incident.”

The airline issued a statement in response to the kerfuffle saying the incident was “due to a misunderstanding.”

“EVA Air and most especially our San Francisco International Airport team sincerely apologise to all the passengers affected by this incident.

“It is our policy that passengers traveling with infants can have priority boarding. The policy does not limit the number of accompanying adults or specify the relationship to the infant.

“This unfortunate incident was due to misunderstanding. Our San Francisco ground-handling agent understood that only one parent could board with an infant.

“We have apologised to our passengers and reminded our airport staff and agents about our priority boarding policy so that we can prevent this kind of incident from happening again.”

What do you think, readers? Was this just a ‘misunderstanding’ or was there something else in play here?

News Round-Up: November 10, 2017

Alex Abramov likes Autumn

Some news items you might have missed:

• Woofy Instahunk Alex Abramov (above) is enjoying NYC’s autumnal weather. I’m enjoying the view.

• A new study of 21,000 children shows no increased emotional or psychological difficulties among children raised by gay or lesbian parents.

• One of the gay men who was refused a marriage license by anti-LGBT Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis says he may run against her in the 2018 election.

• A survey of more than 5,000 Attitude Magazine readers shows 71% of gay men say they are turned off from dating another if they have shown signs of femininity; 41% said that effeminate gay men give the gay community a bad image or reputation.

• Former Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has announced he’ll be joining the cast of the hit Broadway musical, Kinky Boots.

• I’ll close out this round-up with some Friday Superfruit “Fantasy,” the new music video from OUT100 2017 honorees Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi.

The video features a make-believe pool party, a trip to Paris, plus a cameo by K-pop star Amber Liu and some blue-wigged dancers. The tune, from the duo’s debut album Future Friends, is totally bopping. Dance into the weekend with Superfruit below.

New Study Shows Same-Sex Parents Spend More Focused Time With Their Children

A new study from the University of Texas shows that same-sex parents spend more focused time with their children than opposite sex parents:

The report’s author, Kate Prickett, said: “Our findings support the argument that parental investment in children is at least as great – and possibly greater – in same-sex couples as for different-sex couples.”

The research, to be published in Britain on the Child and Family Blog tomorrow, analysed time spent with with children while engaged in activities that supported physical and cognitive development. Tasks such as reading, playing, helping with homework, bath time, and doctor’s appointments were included, but passive activities such as watching television, or doing housework while a child was around, did not count.

Dr Prickett said “Our study suggests that … children with two-parents-of-the-same-sex families received more focused time from their parents – 3.5 hours a day, compared with 2.5 hours by children with different-sex parents.”

(h/t JMG)