Two Gay Men Attacked In Washington DC

William Southern in the ER after alleged gay bashing

William Southern, who recently moved to Washington, D.C., says he and a friend were the target of a violent hate crime this past Sunday.

In a post on his Instagram, Southern wrote that he and his friend, Robbie Barletta, were at the corner of 16th and U Street when the incident occurred.

According to Southern, they were attacked and beaten by mob of 4 men and a woman simply because they were gay.

Both men suffered several cuts and bruises, and Southern was sent to the emergency room for stitches to treat a split lip.

Southern posted photos of his injuries as well as their bloodied t-shirts.

But the social media post was not a ‘woe-is-me’ story. Southern makes it clear the incident only underscores his self-confidence in knowing who he is and living his life out loud.

“I will never stop being gay, I will never feel ashamed of who I am,” writes Southern. “Most importantly, I will never let anyone around me feel like less of a person simply because of who they are!”

He also thanked members of his Stonewall kickball league family for being there for him even though he’s a fairly new transplant to the DC area.

Southern closed his post with an upbeat message of community unity, writing, “May we stand strong and move forward.”

So, this is extremely hard for me and I have not 100% settled on how I feel it. But, Sunday a friend of mine @robertandre and I were the target and the victims of a hate crime. We were attacked by 4 men and a women on the corner of 16th and U in Washington DC, simply because we were gay. The four men and the lady brutally attacked myself and my friend, I was sent to the ER where I received stitches to pull my lip back together. But, the moral of this story is not that it happened or for people to feel sorry for me. This is a statement, I will never stop being gay, I will never feel ashamed of who I am. Most importantly, I will never let anyone around me feel like less of a person simply because of who they are! I am fortunate enough to have an amazing support system even though I have only lived in DC for a few months. I am proud and honoured to be apart of @stonewallkickball, my kickball family came together and has given me amazing support and I never would have met them without the lady’s and gentlemen who were courageous enough to put together these teams to support LGBTQ rights and give them a safe haven to be themselves. May we stand strong and move forward.
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Miami Beach Gay Bashers Charged With Aggravated Felony Battery

Four men accused of a violent gay bashing after Miami Beach Pride this past Sunday have been released on bond after being arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery.

Miami’s local ABC affiliate WSVN reports that the young men accused of a violent gay bashing after Miami Beach Pride this past Sunday have been released on bond after being arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery.

The four men — who police identified as 20-year-old Luis Alonso, 21-year-old Adonis Diaz, 21-year-old Juan C. Lopez and 21-year-old Pablo Reinaldo Romo — bonded out of jail on Wednesday. According to a Miami Beach Police spokesperson, all four men are facing aggravated battery felony charges.

Each of the four men were being held on $7,500 bond.

Surveillance cameras outside the Miami Beach bathroom, located near the beach along Ocean Drive and Sixth Street, recorded the assault on Sunday night.

Investigators said the subjects yelled an anti-gay slur in Spanish before the brawl ensued.

The State Attorney’s Office is still deciding whether the suspects will be charged with a hate crime.

You can find my original reports on the attack here and here.

Florida State Attorney Kathy Rundle promises all hate crime aspects of the attack will be evaluated throughly.

Federal Judge Declines To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Convicted Gay Basher Kathryn Knott & Her Father

Convicted gay basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted Philadelphia gay basher, Kathryn Knott, failed to convince U.S. District Judge Mitchell Goldberg to dismiss a federal lawsuit against her, her father and members of the Bucks County District Attorney’s office that alleges the group sought to retaliate against a Montgomery County woman who took to the internet to mock Ms. Knott.

Kathleen O’Donnell filed the lawsuit after the was fired from her job. She alleges that the Knotts and company used their official positions in law enforcement to push O’Donnell’s boss to fire her for her online heckling.

From PhillyVoice:

Goldberg declined to dismiss the lawsuit filed last year by Kathleen O’Donnell, a Norristown resident who used the screen name “Knotty is a Tramp” to post disparaging remarks about Knott in the comment sections of online news articles. O’Donnell’s username included an unflattering picture of Knott drinking from a bottle of alcohol.

O’Donnell claims Kathryn Knott and her father, Karl, used his then-position as Chalfont police chief to retaliate against her, alleging they conspired with former Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler and two county detectives to threaten criminal charges. Heckler left office in September 2016, a year before his second term was to end.

O’Donnell was fired from her position job in Chester County after the detectives met with her employer, according to the lawsuit.

Knott, of Upper Southampton, was released from prison last year after serving five months for her role in the 2014 beating of a gay couple in Center City.

She was among three defendants charged with assaulting Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught, who was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut for about two months.

You’ll recall the gay bashing attack in the Center City area of Philadephia where Knott and a group of about 15 friends attacked Hesse and Haught.

Knott refused to accept the plea deal her co-defendants took which required only probation and 200 of community service.

Internet sleuths found social media posts by Knott bragging about her law enforcement father’s ability to get her out of trouble. It was clear she thought he could get her out of this situation.

He could not.

Knott was the only person jailed for the attack.

News Round-Up: July 28, 2017

Some news items you may have missed:

• Fitness trainer Ben Zerbst (above) is concerned about his “t-shirt tan,” which gives you just one more reason to keep staring, as if you need one 🙂

• Kathryn Knott, convicted Philadelphia gay-basher, is now claiming self-defense in a civil lawsuit from the couple she helped attack. One of her victims had his jaw wired shut for 8 months due to injuries.

• Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump’s tweets announcing a new ban on transgender military service members: “I began my day today as I often begin my days, by checking Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. Just to see how far the crazy has spread. And today, I really think he’s off his meds, as he’s gone from crazy to cruel.”

• The GOP-controlled House has approved $1.6 billion for President Donald Trump’s long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump promised at nearly every rally and campaign event that Mexico would pay for the wall.

• 19 Attorneys General have sent a letter to Congress opposing Trump’s transgender military ban.

• Woofy Instahunk Roberto Caccamo sends regards from Italy…

Convicted Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott To Be Released From Jail

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott

Philadelphia Magazine reports that convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott will be released from jail this afternoon after her lawyer successfully petitioned for parole.

Calling Knott “an exemplary inmate,” Center City attorney William Brennan told Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Roxanne Covington, “She completed anger management in a timely, quick fashion. And she elected not to appeal. That speaks volumes to her sincerity.”

But Knott’s legal woes will continue even after her release as she faces a civil lawsuit by her victims of the violent gay-bashing, plus a $5 million lawsuit by a Montgomery County woman who is suing Knott over what she claims was a conspiracy against her.

Convicted Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott Requests Early Parole

Kathryn Knott

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott has asked her attorney to request early release from her 5-10 month incarceration based on her “good behavior.”


In the motion, Brennan argues that while Knott’s minimum release date based on the sentence is July 8th, she would have become eligible for early release on June 6th, because inmates can get credit for good behavior while in jail. According to the motion, Knott hasn’t had any behavioral issues while at Riverside, and she completed a court-ordered anger management class in April.

Judge Roxanne Covington has yet to rule on the motion.

When Knott does finally get out of jail, she has much to look forward to: two years probation, a $2,000 fine, restrictions on her leaving the state of Pennsylvania or entering Philadelphia, plus a civil law suit filed by the men she hospitalized in the now-famous Center City gay bashing.

"Dallas BBQ" Attacker Found Guilty; Faces 15 Years In Prison

Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin

Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin, 42, was found guilty of attempted assault in the first degree, and assault in the second degree for his participation in a brawl last year at a Dallas BBQ restaurant located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan

From the New York Post:

Lawyers for El-Amin argued during the one-week trial that he was trying to protect himself from Jonathan Snipes, 33, and his boyfriend Ethan Adams, 26.

“This is a case of self-defense,” Percy Diego Gayanilo said during the Manhattan Supreme Court trial. “We are only here because they arrested the wrong person.”

Snipes started the altercation May 5, 2015 when he slapped El-Amin in the face with his purse after he thought he heard him use a racial slur.

An all-out brawl ensued and Gayanilo claimed that El-Amin tossed the chair at the men after Snipes menacingly reached for a knife from a table. This was not corroborated by surveillance video or witness testimony.

Prosecutor Leah Saxtein argued that Snipes’ loud mouth and purse-slapping histrionics didn’t justify the vicious beatdown. She told jurors that El-Amin attacked the men out of rage, not fear.

“The defendant was angry, he was humiliated, and he wasn’t about to let these girly men get the last word,” she said.

El-Amin was convicted of four counts of assault and attempted assault. He faces up to 15 years on the top charge.

The District Attorney’s office issued a statement that read in part:

“There was no justification for this brutal attack,” said District Attorney Vance. “Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin struck both victims in a public restaurant with a heavy wooden chair, knocking one of them unconscious. I commend the victims for their courage and my Office’s prosecutors for ensuring this defendant is held accountable for this horrific attack.”

Gay Couple Attacked In Miami Beach Burger King

A casual kiss between two men at a Burger King in Miami Beach upset a customer so much he verbally attacked the men and then slammed one of them to the ground, beating him for over a minute.

From WSVN News in Miami:

A fight involving two people at a Miami Beach fast food restaurant may have been fueled by hate, said police. According to officials, two men were inside a Burger King Whopper Bar on Miami Beach when suddenly an attacker slammed one of them to the ground.

Police said the victim followed the attackers onto Washington Avenue, but the suspects got away. “Once we have the subjects in custody, and we present the case to the state attorney,” said Rodriguez, “we can determine at that point if they will add the hate crime element to this case, which would heighten the penalties.”

The couple has since returned home to California. The police department said an attack, especially one which may be based on sexual orientation, has no place on Miami Beach. “We want a clear message that we want any visitor, any resident here on Miami Beach, or I mean, Dade County for that matter as a whole, everyone is welcomed here and there’s no place for hate,” said Rodriguez.

You can watch security camera footage here.

Kathryn Knott, Convicted #PhillyHateCrime Assailant, Loses Resentencing Appeal

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knot

After being convicted for her part in the violent gay-bashing of two Philadelphia men in 2014, 25 year-old Kathryn Knott was sentenced to 5-10 months in prison, plus two years probation in addition to anger management classes and a $2,000 fine.

The attack left two men bloodied in the street with one man’s shattered jaw having to be wired shut for months.

Ten days after her sentencing, Knott’s lawyer, Bill Brennan, requested a resentencing hearing to consider other options for her punishment.

Judge Roxanne Covington agreed to hear the appeal. And then denied the motion.

From PhillyVoice:

“The sentence is well within the guidelines and is as appropriate as I can provide within the law and shall remain,” Covington told Knott and her attorney, Bill Brennan, in court. “The motion is denied.”

Brennan requested Covington consider alternatives to incarceration, contending that Knott’s sentencing should be more rehabilitative and a better attempt to heal the wounds caused by the assault. He suggested Covington incorporate a public service announcement or community service into a new sentence.

In denying the motion, Covington said Knott displayed a “complete disconnection” from the assault and a “failure” to take ownership of her actions despite issuing an apology at her sentencing hearing.

“As injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, hatred toward any group is no different than hatred toward all of us,” Covington said. “Every single one of us has a right to be who we are, to love who we want and to walk down the street and enjoy the city safely, without fear of ridicule, of torture, of attack.”

Knott was offered the same plea deal her co-conspirators received. She declined the plea deal choosing to try her luck in court. That didn’t play out with the jury.

She was unapologetic right up to the minute her guilty verdict was read. It was only after that she suddenly seemed interested in expressing remorse.

Judge Agrees To Hear Resentencing Motion For Convicted Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott

Convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott will see her attorney’s motion for resentencing considered by Judge Roxanne Covington in court on March 8th.

Knott’s current incarceration is related to the vicious 2014 beating of a gay couple in Center City which left one man with a shattered jaw.

Last month, Covington sentenced Knott last month to 5-to-10 months in prison and two years of probation for her role in the beating, which left Andrew Haught unconscious and with a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut. Knott also received a $2,000 fine and was ordered to attend anger management classes, keep out of Philadelphia County during her probation and stay away from Haught and his partner, Zachary Hesse, who sustained minor facial bruises.

The motion was filed last month in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas by attorney Bill Brennan, who replaced Louis Busico as Knott’s defense lawyer.

Knott, 25, of Upper Southampton, was one of three defendants charged in the beating. Her co-defendants, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, received lighter penalties when they accepted plea agreements in October.

Knott opted to take her chances in court and ended up as the only member of the trio to receive any jail time. She was exonerated of aggravated assault charges against both victims, but found guilty of simple assault against Hesse, conspiracy and two counts of reckless endangerment.