Tom Goss, Daniel Franzese, And The Return Of ‘Nerdy Bear’

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss has been extolling the virtues of hirsute plus-sized gay men for years, and now he’s back to celebrate those gay geeks with fuzzy cheeks with ‘Nerdy Bear: The Markaholic Remix.’

The new single and music video revisits Goss’s popular ‘Nerdy Bear’ release from last summer but reinterprets the tune from the bear perspective.

The original track was a pop track with sultry R&B vibes, but the new release (by LA-based producer Markaholic) raises the BPMs and features Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese.

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Franzese, one of the gay community’s ultimate ‘nerdy bears,’ says the idea to remix the song was his.

“When Tom’s original came out last summer, I was like ‘OMG, it’s about time we got an anthem of guys pursuing us in song,” says Franzese. “We should do a remix of this track where the bear responds that he’s down to party—and I should rap on it!’”

And that’s exactly what happens as Franzese drops some rhymes that weave sexual connotations with 80s arcade game references.

“If you like whips and chains, we can do the Double Dragon,” referencing the martial arts game. He continues with “I’ll follow you down your Oregon trail and hitch on to your wagon.”

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Along the way, the music video touches on the cherries in Pac-Man, shapes from Tetris and the mushrooms in Mario Brothers.

Like Tetris when I’m finished, I dream of your shape for hours
Beat your big boss baby, your Gannon, your bowser
Give your boy a mushroom and I’ll grow like I’m supposed to
Love a Harry pothead, winggarda levioso
Grab a joystick, come get closa, scoot-a cross da-sofa,
Chew and chomp these cherries Pac Man, don’t worry, I won’t ghost ya

The idea behind the music video is to convey the confidence Franzese and others in the gay bear community have built by not only accepting their girth, but embracing it. “It’s fun to find unique ways to amplify body positivity and happiness,” says Franzese.

Plus, Goss brings a few smiles of his own in the video, throwing down his own brand of stripper moves. It’s all big fun with some big beats.

Tom Goss in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Franzese has collaborated with Goss before having played the singer’s husband in a series of videos from Goss’s album, Territories. “It’s always fun to work with Danny, and at this point it seems like we’re just making up opportunities to work together,” Goss laughs.

Tom Goss was 22 and in seminary, training to be a Catholic priest, when he realized his strong attraction for plus-sized men, known as “bears” in the gay community, and nerdy ones to boot. “‘Nerdy Bear’ is authentic to my experience and relays my unique perspective that beauty doesn’t fit a standard mold,” he says.

‘Nerdy Bear: The Markaholic Remix’ is available on all major digital platforms.

You can check out the music video below and follow Tom Goss on Instagram here.

That Time When Gamers Discovered The Other ‘Manhunt’

Screen capture of Manhunt homepage
Screen capture of Manhunt homepage
Screen capture of Manhunt homepage

Gamers and gays found themselves at a Twitter intersection this afternoon when “Manhunt” began trending and folks got way excited.

As gays know, Manhunt is the OG gay dating network founded back in 2001. Before we had smart phones and apps to swipe left on like Scruff and Grindr, Manhunt was the online destination of choice for guys looking for a “date.”

The Twitter account for Manhunt even jokes in its bio about the company’s longevity writing, “Yes, we’re still here.”

But on the other side of the social spectrum, “Manhunt” means a whole different thing to gamers.

Part of the Minecraft series, ‘Minecraft Manhunt’ was created by a Minecraft YouTuber named Dream.

The Urban Dictionary files this description: “The basic idea of Minecraft Manhunt is that Dream is trying to beat the Ender Dragon while his friend/s try to stop him, and they have a compass they can use to track him down.”

Not being a gamer, I’m not really sharp on what that means, but it’s apparently really popular.

Manhunt was also a horror-based video game launched in the 2000s. Gamers chatting on the idea of a reboot is apparently what actually got the word trending on Twitter.

BUT – when the term “Manhunt” began trending, true-blue gamer hearts began to flutter…until they discovered the ‘other’ Manhunt.

Indiana: Gaming Convention Could Leave State Over Anti-Gay Legislation

As predicted, the anti-gay legislation SB 101 – already passed by Indiana state legislature and headed to Gov. Mike Pence’s desk – is on the verge of having major negative economic impact on the state.

Gen Con, one of Indianapolis’ largest annual conventions has written to the governor threatening to move the event.

“Legislation that could allow for refusal of service or discrimination against our attendees will have a direct negative impact on the state’s economy, and will factor into our decision-making on hosting the convention in the state of Indiana in future years,” said Adrian Swartout, owner and CEO of Gen Con LLC, in a letter sent to Pence just hours after lawmakers sent the measure to his desk.

“Gen Con proudly welcomes a diverse attendee base, made up of different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds,” she wrote. “We are happy to provide an environment that welcomes all, and the wide-ranging diversity of our attendees has become a key element to the success and growth of our convention.”

Gen Con attracts over 50,000 attendees each year, bringing more than $50 million to Indianapolis’ economy.