Republicans Block Vote On Capitol Invasion Commission

I don’t know how Republican Senators can say they ‘back the blue’ when they vote against a commission that would investigate the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol building that resulted in one police officer dead and 100+ injured.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has called the idea of an investigative commission “extraneous.”

From the New York Times:

Republicans on Friday blocked the creation of an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, using their filibuster power in the Senate for the first time this year to doom a full accounting for the deadliest attack on Congress in centuries.

With the vast majority of Republicans determined to shield their party from potential political damage that could come from scrutiny of the storming of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, only six G.O.P. senators joined Democrats to support advancing the measure. The final vote, 54 to 35, fell short of the 60 senators needed to move forward.

Modeled after the inquiry into the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the proposed panel of experts would have been responsible for producing a report on the assault and recommendations to secure Congress by the end of the year.

Eleven senators, almost all Republicans, skipped the vote to head out of town for the holiday weekend.

Capitol Police Officers Injured In Vehicle Attack

Two Capitol Police officers were injured when a driver struck them near the north entrance of the U.S. Capitol Building
Two Capitol Police officers were injured when a driver struck them near the north entrance of the U.S. Capitol Building
(screen capture)

UPDATE: The New York Times reports the suspect was shot and killed.

CBS News correspondent Skyler Henry reports one of the injured officers has died.

The U.S. Capitol went into lockdown after two Capitol Police officers were reportedly struck by a vehicle near the north entrance to the U.S. Capitol building.

From the New York Times:

The Capitol complex was locked down, as the agency instructed staff to remain indoors, away from doors and windows, as eyewitnesses posted videos of a large law enforcement response.

“A suspect is in custody,” the Capitol Police said on Twitter. “Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital.”

Images from the scene posted on social media appeared to show emergency workers treating someone on the driveway of the Capitol.

Police Officer Dead From Injuries Sustained During Capitol Invasion

Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick
Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick
Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick (image via 6ABC Philly)

From the New York Times:

A United States Capitol Police officer died Thursday night from injuries sustained when he engaged with a pro-Trump mob that descended on the U.S. Capitol the day before.

Officer Brian D. Sicknick died at about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, the Capitol Police said in a statement. He had been with the agency since 2008.

Mr. Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday and “was injured while physically engaging with protesters,” the agency’s statement said, although officials didn’t immediately elaborate on the nature of his injuries or how he interacted with the crowd. After sustaining the injuries, Mr. Sicknick returned to his division office, collapsed, and was taken to the hospital.

In another article, the New York Times reports that Sicknick was struck by a fire extinguisher during the bedlam at the Capitol.

Officer Sicknick is the 5th person to die amid the hideous events that took place on Wednesday. He is the 4th Capitol Police officer to be killed in the history of the force.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund tendered his resignation on Thursday after several congressional leaders demanded answers to the epic failure to protect the Capitol building.