50th Birthday Bowling Party!!!

The whole group!

I’m a funny guy when it comes to birthdays. I don’t mind getting older; I am shy of the attention birthdays bring (says the guy who writes a blog for thousands to read each day….).

My husband, Michael, knows I’m funny about all this. But turning 50 this past Sunday, he wanted to do SOMETHING. So in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, he surprised me with A BOWLING PARTY! With some folks that I’ve known for 20, almost 30 years. Perfect event for me.

AND one of my best friends, fashion designer Andrew Makay – who shares the same birthday as me – was on hand to celebrate together for the first time in 20 years of knowing each other!

I caught up with everyone while we all bowled a couple of games. We laughed, had bowling alley food – although since I’ve been watching my nutrition and exercise getting ready for CHICAGO at the Hollywood Bowl, I had a salad and a grilled chicken breast sandwich while the others had burgers and chicken fingers. Check the pics below, you’ll see.

Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo dropped by as a surprise for the birthday cake cutting.

Michael had brought our bowling balls (yes, we have our own) but mine had unfortunately cracked! I bowled with it anyway saying better my bowling ball cracked than my body or face (so far).

Michael also presented a video of birthday greetings from friends around the world (!) who wanted to wish me a happy 50th. I’ll get it posted to share with you in the next few days. It’s pretty fun. I’m stunned at the people who sent greetings. Yeah, I was pretty moved by that.

In any case, it was MUCH fun. And I thought I’d share some pictures from the great time. I highly recommend surprising a loved one with a bowling party. We never get too old to have fun bowling.

(As always, you can click the pics for larger view)

Andrew Makay and I – birthday boys and their balls

Michael helps me cut the cake

Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo help me taste the cake

Ace Young, Diana DeGarmo, me and Michael

Me doing the “spare dance”

Please note that I’m eating SALAD at the bowling alley
since I begin CHICAGO rehearsals today

With Arminae Reames, Michael and Matt Zarley

Arminae Reames, David Romano, Robert Reames and me

Right before I tried to cut the cake and realized it was super-dense and rich

A few reflections at the mid-century mark

Happy birthday Randy! You’re 50!

I feel like I need to post something regarding this milestone.  I wish I felt like I was so much wiser, but the older I get, I’m more and more convinced that certainty and confidence are two very different things.

I will say there are a few things that cross my mind as I head into my next 50 years (in no particular order):

• Once a dancer, always a dancer. We get older, we may get slower, but we’re still dancing. Light or no light, we’re hitting a tap step or lifting an arm on the beat.  It’s just who we are, and I thank god for that.

• Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people. (Yes, in my opinion, there are bad people in the world).

You can help people; you can let them live in your home for months for free as they get on their feet; you can pay off their cars so they don’t get repossessed so they can still get to work; you can do all sorts of things thinking you’re helping. And it is somehow possible that those same folks may turn on you. Sometimes, you will somehow be the “asshole.”

Get over it. And get over those people. Focus on why you did what you did; let them go, and keep looking forward.

• My favorite saying, learned long ago from my BFF Carlye: You can be right, or you can get what you want.   They’re not always the same thing.

When I think of this, I always take the perspective that “being right” is about ego.  Getting what you want is happiness.  I’ll take happiness.  The ego left long ago.

• I’m blessed EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I’m healthy (f*ck you cancer); I’m in love with my husband who loves me back for almost 19 years; I have the same best friend, Carlye, who makes me better every day just by knowing her; I have a very cool life (!!!) as an actor/dancer/choreographer and I start rehearsals for a production tomorrow (they still like me!  they still like me!); I get to write and voice my thoughts here on The Randy Report every day and I’m knocked out that thousands show up, read what I post and share their thoughts.  How fabulous is that?  I NEVER take any of this for granted.

• Believing in yourself is not a substitute for working on yourself. Do the work.

• LIVE your life – don’t Facebook it.

• If I could ask anything of anyone it would be this – “raise up your voice for what you believe in.”  Get loud.  Get out there.  Make some noise.

• Last one – years ago a friend was in an argument with her boyfriend and out of no where said “I’m not afraid of anything.” And that sounded so powerful to me.

So I TRY to embrace that every day. Even if I just pretend it’s true. Because a piece of it seeps into me every time I say it. I’m going to keep voicing my opinions on equal rights, marriage equality and everything else I believe in. My silly sense of humor and the music I love.  F*ck the haters – please take me on. I’m not afraid of anything.

My “birthday song” this year is from the fab Cheyenne Jackson. It’s the title track to his new album I’m Blue, Skies. I encourage you to go check out the full song and album on iTunes. I like him and his music a lot.

The lyrics to this song pretty much sum up my feelings today.

Thanks everyone for reading The Randy Report. I appreciate it more than you know.

Happy 38th birthday, Cheyenne Jackson

Happy, happy birthday to Cheyenne Jackson!

New year, new CD, new opportunities! As one year ends and another begins, Cheyenne shares where the past year has taken him and what’s ahead with E!News:

“This past year, there has been a lot of change in my life,” Jackson says. “Both grandparents died, a Broadway show [The Performers] that I put my heart and soul into closed after six shows, and some deeply personal things transpired as well.

“But on the flip side, my career took off,” the Broadway favorite continued. “I shot four movies, a pilot, a miniseries, sold out the Kennedy Center with my one-man show and just really grew exponentially as an artist. I craved a song to reflect that and the fact and realization that I’m opening myself up to whatever the universe has to throw at me. I can take it. It’s about being brave, being alive, and being right here, right now.”

And being able to put up with some pain. He shot the video while filming Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks with Gena Rowlands in Budapest.

“My feet were bleeding by the time we walked miles and miles to get those shots,” Jackson says of the video, directed by Hungarian filmmaker Peter Tokay. “But it was absolutely worth it.”

Jackson most recently starred as Tony in West Side Story in Concert with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas, a recording of which will be released next year. The openly gay Washington state native also served as grand marshal in San Fran’s annual gay pride parade on June 30.

Check out his new CD, I’m Blue, Skies on iTunes.

Happy birthday Bruno!

Eleven years ago today, my handsome wonder dog Bruno came into this world.

I can’t imagine life without “the Brun.” It’s hard to believe he hasn’t been a part of my life before 2002. He’s a great dog, a great friend, and me makes me feel like we’re more best friends than something like pet and owner – a phrase that feels distasteful to even write.

On top on his amazing qualities, he’s also a dad. At the age of one, he and our beautiful Sabrina gave us “the puppies,” who are all still with us today. And he’s been a great dad to the puppies from the first day he saw them.

I made the above video within days of Bruno becoming a part of my life. He’s just as spunky and confident today as he was then.

Happy happy birthday, Bruno! And Happy Father’s Day! You rock!

I think of this as Bruno’s headshot.  Handsome!

The first time Bruno saw his puppies

Bruno checking on the kids

Bruno napping with puppy Bandit

Bruno and puppy Tyler

Bruno entertains the kids with mom Sabrina looking on

Happy Bruno today – what a smile!

Bruno as a puppy the day we met

Not a great pic of me, but this is how every day starts at The Randy Report.
For the first hour of the day I only type with one hand, as Bruno always lays on my left.

Happy birthday Joan Rivers!

LGBT ally and E! Network star Joan Rivers turns 80 today.  Happy birthday Joan!

Happy 80th birthday to the always fab and proud LGBT ally, Joan Rivers!

Joan shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Her reality show, “Joan & Melissa,” in which she stars with her daughter, heads into its fourth season on WE and she’s even appearing on ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

“I truly love the business. It’s not a chore,” she said. “I’m always either writing or performing and I like every aspect. I even love set decorating, which annoys the people at E! For me it’s a big sandbox that pays.”

Rivers is asked if she’s bothered that E! is so publicly trumpeting her 80th birthday. “Age means nothing to me,” she said. “Everything is working, everything is going. I’m up, running, taking the stairs, and my concerts are 90 minutes long.”

Sadly, Joan canceled an elaborate 80th birthday celebration after learning of her sister’s death earlier this week.

Here’s just a bit of classic Joan Rivers standup going all the way back to 1967:

And from 1982 on The Tonight Show:

Neil Patrick Harris’ incredible, adventerous, suprise 40th birthday extravaganza

Now, I should start by saying I’m not someone into big birthday celebrations. I don’t care about getting older (much). But big, wild, expensive events like what Neil is describing just aren’t MY thing.

BUT – if you are into it, this sounds like a whole lot of adventure. So good for Neil.

Having planned Michael’s 40th birthday surprise just a few years ago – and it was just a nice party – WORE ME OUT. The pressure I felt! Oh my land! Thank god I got a decade between those kinds of things to rest.

Take a look at what Neil’s other half did for him…

Birthday: Stockard Channing is 69 today

Stockard Channing, Tony Award-winner and 7-time nominee is 69 today!

Easily one of my favorite actresses who’s career spans huge successes like the film GREASE (most successful movie musical of all time) for which she won a People’s Choice Award, the hit TV series THE WEST WING for which she won an Emmy Award, and several critically acclaimed Broadway productions like 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION, OTHER DESERT CITIES and A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG.

I saw Stockard on Broadway in 6 DEGREES (Tony and Academy Award nominations) and it was truly one of the best performances I’ve enjoyed on the NY stage. Brilliant, thoughtful and “in the moment.”

Happy, happy birthday Stockard!

Happy Birthday Darlene Romano!

This is a candid picture of Darlene Romano, soprano, in the late 1970s, backstage waiting to begin a concert with the San Diego Symphony starring Darlene and 5 time Academy Award winning composer/conductor and head of MGM department of music, Johnny Green.

Pope John Paul II praised Darlene when she sang for him at the Vatican with the Rome Orchestra. Maestro Kurt Herbert Adler, conductor and general director of the San Francisco Opera said for him Darlene Romano was the perfect “Mimi” in Puccini’s La Boheme.

After a fabulous career of over 3,000 performances, Darlene earned a “Doctor of Musical Arts” degree from the University of Southern California and has now conducted many of the shows she used to star in on the stage. She also serves as Dean of Fine Arts at a Southern California College.

Happy 65th Birthday to our darling Darlene!!