Viral Video Racist Claims Ugly Tirade Was Due To Being Drunk

(screen capture)

The woman pictured above went viral last week, and not for a good reason.

Video was shared across the interwebs showing her leaving a CVS drug store in Los Angeles’ Eagle Rock neighborhoo while throwing the n-word around like she says it ALL the time: “If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the nig*ers they’d be all dead”

According to news reports, the LAPD has begun a hate crime investigation.

This is pretty hideous. Click the video in the tweet below.

Internet sleuths seem to have determined that the woman’s name is Heather Lynn Patton and that she works (worked?) in Hollywood in costume design.

In screen captures included in the tweet below, she apparently says she lost her job due to the rant which she blamed on being drunk.

“Please do not contact me,” reads a screen capture of her Instagram story before it was deleted. “I was intoxicated and I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I disrespected and let down for my actions. Please forgive me.”

(image via Twitter)

Mississippi: Bigots Now Turning Away ‘Mixed-Race’ Marriages

Well, gee, no one saw this coming, did they?

Now bigots in Mississippi feel empowered to turn away ‘mixed-race’ weddings.

LaKambria Welch was doing research for her brother, who is black, and his fiancée, who is white, looking for locations to host their upcoming wedding.

But after reaching out to Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Miss., the couple was turned away based on the owner’s personal religious beliefs.

After being turned away, Welch visited the property to get clarity on the refusal. She filmed her conversation with the employee she spoke with.

The video, no surprise, quickly went viral.

“We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race,” said the employee.

Probably realizing she had shown her self by saying ‘Christian race’ – there’s no such thing – she quickly amended her statement saying, “I mean our Christian belief.”


Folks, when people reveal themselves to you, believe them the first time.

When Ms. Welch explained that she, too, is Christian but asked where in the Bible it’s taught that mixed-race marriages were forbidden, the employee replied, “I don’t want to argue my faith, we just don’t participate.”

Shaken by the episode, Welch told the media, “It really broke my heart to actually hear her say those things.”

According to reports, after the video launched hundreds of outraged social media posts, the owner of the event hall, Donna Russell, clearly sensing a lawsuit of epic size (federal law prohibits race-based discrimination in public accommodation), privately apologized to Welch and her family.

The owners said in a statement that they had previously been taught (by who?) to believe that “interracial marriage was against the teachings of the Bible.” The owners say they consulted with their pastor and realized they were ‘wrong.’

More from the Washington Post:

In her apology, the event hall’s owner attempted to explain why she believed the Bible supported her views on interracial marriages, describing how she only recently discovered that wasn’t the case. She began by writing that as “a child growing up in Mississippi” it was an unspoken understanding that people stayed “with your own race.”

But then on Saturday, when her husband asked her to point to relevant sections of the Bible, she couldn’t. After spending hours scouring the text and sitting down with her pastor, the owner wrote that she finally concluded that the reasoning behind her decision to turn away Welch’s brother and his fiancee was “incorrect.”

“Boone’s Camp is sorry for the pain and inconvenience they have caused this couple and have invited them to use the facility,” the statement said.

The United States Supreme Court overturned bans against interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia in 1967. 

In 2016, Mississippi passed a law that affords special protections to opponents of same-sex marriage, which the Supreme Court had ruled was a constitutional right the previous year.

The law protects individuals and organizations who claim they act in accordance with their “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions” from potential government actions. The law allows them sway in turning away possible customers in regards to hiring, real estate, wedding services, and foster care. 

The 2016 law clearly does not mention race.

The venue owners did not mention any change of position on same-sex marriages.

Folks, first it’s the gays, now ‘mixed race’ marriages. Don’t think you’re not next. All they have to do is find you to be ‘different.’


(source: New York Times)

Video: Hotel Clerk’s Reaction To Being Called The N-Word Goes Viral

A hotel clerk has gone viral after posting a video clip showing him refusing to rent a room to an apparently racist customer.

A hotel clerk has gone viral after posting a video clip showing him refusing to rent a room to an apparently racist customer.

In the video, the unidentified Black man politely rejects an unseen woman’s pleas to stay at the hotel over and over again as he references an earlier phone call with her where the woman had called him an ugly racial slur.

Woman: “I need to stay here, my mother died.”

Clerk: “I understand that but you called me a f**king n*gg*r.”

Woman: “I’m sorry.”

Clerk: “But you weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone. At the end of the day, in the climate we live in today’s society…”

Woman: “I’m sorry.”

Clerk: “I understand that but it’s above me now.”

Woman: “I need a room tonight.”

Clerk: “Well, there’s the Best Western next door.”

Woman: “Please, I’ve had a horrible day today.”

Clerk: “And I had a horrible time hearing that.”

At one point in the short video, the woman’s daughter enters the lobby and asks why her mother isn’t allowed to stay. When the clerk explains that he’d been called the n-word, the daughter glosses over the issue saying, “My grandma just died.”

As if a dying grandma justifies using such hideous language? The daughter doesn’t even apologize for her mother’s behavior.

She might as well have said, “My mother is upset and forgot to not be a racist bigot in public.”

It’s interesting that they still wanted to be accommodated after such hideous behavior.

Watch the minute-long clip below. Warning – the video contains an ugly racial slur repeated many times.

Of course, in this day and age, social media is having a field day as #ItsAboveMeNow and ‘Best Western’ are now trending on Twitter.

The Twitterverse is applauding the young man for holding her accountable as he kills her with his kind, warm tone.


UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that while social media is cheering the hotel clerk (identified by BuzzFeed as Craig Brooks in Austin, Texas) for his calm handling of the “case of the unwanted guest,” it seems he’s also quite transphobic.

Twitter-user Allan Brocka did a deep dive and found that in addition to being gay, Mr. Brooks has tweeted several anti-trans sentiments in the not-distant past.

NY State: Town Clerk Forced To Apologize For Refusing Marriage License To Gay Couple

Town clerk Sherrie Eriksen apologizes for denying gay couple a marriage license
Town clerk Sherrie Eriksen apologizes for denying gay couple a marriage license

On July 30 last summer, Thomas Hurd and Dylan Toften went to the office of their town clerk in Root, New York, to obtain a marriage license.

Instead of a joyful, upbeat episode in their lives, the men were dismayed to be turned down by town clerk Sherrie Eriksen.

She put the couple off saying they couldn’t get a marriage license because they didn’t make an appointment before coming to the office, according to WRAL.

She also told the men that she has a personal objection to same-sex marriage.

That’s despite the fact that New York state legalized marriage equality in 2011, and the U.S. Supreme Court made it the law of the land in 2015.

Toften took to social media at the time to share the incident writing, “Town of Root clerk is a bigot!!! Refused to do our marriage license. She said make an appointment to have her deputy do it… do your job Andrew Cuomo.”

Gov. Cuomo responded to the post by tweeting, “Marriage equality is our law in NY. The denial of a license to a same sex couple is an unconscionable act of discrimination. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I’d like to congratulate Dylan & his future husband on their marriage.”

Several town meetings were held, an investigation was launched, and a lawsuit was threatened by the couple, according to WRGB News.

In the end, an agreement was reached: the town of Root would pay the men $25,000 plus Eriksen would personally deliver a public apology.

And so it came to be on Wednesday afternoon that Eriksen, standing in front of news cameras and town leaders at the weekly town meeting, made her apology.

“In my capacity as town clerk, it is my responsibility to provide marriage licenses to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation, so long as they meet all applicable New York state requirements,” she began. “As such, my office and I will personally will issue marriage licenses to any couple without exception, who is legally entitled to be issued one.”

Her voice wavering a bit, she continued, “On July 30th of last year, there was an unfortunate incident involving Mr Thomas Hurd and Mr Dylan Toften, who came to my office seeking a marriage license.”

“I am sorry for any harm or inconvenience my actions caused the couple, thank you,” she concluded.

Here’s the video via local CBS News anchor Emily DeFeciani:

Hurd and Toften eventually received a marriage license from another town and were married on August 18.

The couple told WRGB that they’re proud they stood up for marriage equality.

“If we had never stood our ground, how many more people would’ve had to go through this?” Toften said.

Dylan Toften and Thomas Hurd (image via Facebook)

NYC Lawyer Has A Problem With Speaking Spanish In Mid-Town

This video went viral yesterday showing a 30-something white male berating two women for speaking Spanish in a Manhattan lunch spot.

Again – two women having a private conversation at lunch speaking Spanish. Freedom of what?

The white guy decided you can only speak English in his presence. Even if he’s not a part of your conversation.


It didn’t take the Twitterverse long to determine this guy happens to be New York City lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg.

And it didn’t take the New York Post and local station WPIX long to find the very opinionated Mr. Schlossberg today.

Life comes at you fast, huh, Aaron? take a look into the man that is Aaron Schlossberg here.

It won’t surprise you to hear Mr. Schlossberg donated to Donald Trump’s campaign.

Intrepid Twitter folks found this older video from 2016 where Schlossberg called a complete stranger “an ugly fucking foreigner.” It seems Mr. Schlossberg likes yelling at people who are “different” from him.


Bigoted Radio Host Booted From Las Vegas Airwaves Over Anti-LGBT Adoption Comments

Over the weekend I posted about a Facebook chat I had with a stranger who said there was no point in calling out haters because “you’ll never run out of work.”

You want to know what happens when people raise their voices and point out hate?


Just a couple of days ago, CBS Radio host Heidi Harris decided she had a problem with a new ad here in Las Vegas for Clark County Family Services. The spot included two gay dads with their son.

Harris took to Facebook to share her ignorant outrage:

“Has anyone seen this ad for Clark County Family Services? Another no-so-subtle attempt to normalize something that is NOT normal. Even if this is normal for YOU, it’s not the best thing for a baby.

“Babies who are eligible for adoption should go to MARRIED people of the opposite sex. That is the IDEAL situation for a baby, and political correctness, changing laws or attitudes cannot alter that REALITY.

“And please don’t comment here about how “some straight people aren’t good parents” or how “you know gay people who are great parents”…blah blah blah… I am fully aware of that. I’m talking about what’s best for the CHILD, and that’s what the County should be promoting.”

You know what “reality” CAN be altered? Ms. Harris’s.

Her comment didn’t go over well in Las Vegas, and just two days later Harris’ show is no longer on the air here in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas LGBTQ activist Kavin Burkhalter just sent me the email below from CBS Radio SVP/market Manager Tony Perlongo:

“Thank you for your email. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us and want to assure you that we take comments about our programming and personalities seriously.

“Please note that, effective immediately, The Heidi Harris Show will no longer air on KXNT.”

Bravo Las Vegas!


Donald Trump Supporters Don’t Like Being “Labeled” For Saying Racist Things

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Trump Fans Admits They're Angry They Can't Say Racist ThingsHey, at least they're being honest about it.Video by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!Posted by Occupy Democrats on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The woman who says she has a “right to her opinion without being labeled something.” She wants to be able to express HERSELF without others having an opinion about it? Toss that around in your head for a minute.

Just be bigot and go on. Have the courage of your misguided convictions.

They might as well say “Just because I use the N-word doesn’t make me a bigot.”

Dang, these people….

Oregon: Homophobic Bakers Send Cakes And Anti-Gay Movie Packages To LGBT Groups

Melissa and Aaron Klein, the former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, stepped back into the spotlight this week when they sent what appeared to be “apology” packages to 10 LGBT groups comprised of a cake with the message “We Really Do Love You!” and a copy of the anti-gay movie Audacity.

You’ll recall the Kleins refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding and ended up being fined $135K for violating Oregon’s public accommodation laws. They eventually closed their bakery when the story became public and sales dried up.

However, the incident became a windfall for the couple as anti-gay supporters raised over $350K in donations for the couple via crowd funding.

Melissa Klein gave this statement to the Oregonian about the “apology” packages:

“Our purpose is to express our love for them as a Christian.

“We don’t hate them. We also included in the package the movie Audacity. I feel it is a well done movie that shows what being a Christian is about. My hope is that they will watch it and maybe just understand our heart. We want to show them that it’s not about not serving them it’s about not being able to partake in an event.”

The idea for the “apology” packages apparently came from San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports televangelist Ray Comfort, who produced Audacity.

According to Comfort, “We are like doctors with a cure for cancer.”

San Diego’s Canvass for a Cause was one of ten LGBT organizations to receive a cake, but the group decided to place the package on auction via eBay.

“This is not an ’I am sorry cake,’” says Cavass director Cathy Carmack. “There is no apology included with the cake because the Kleins are not sorry. ”

Texas Values’ Jonathan Saenz Throws Temper Tantrum Over Hood County Clerk’s Costly Mistake

Jonathan Saenz

Texas Values head Jonathan Saenz throws a temper tantrum via press release over the news that Hood County Clerk Katie Lang cost the folks of her county $44,000 in legal fees when she denied a gay couple a marriage license upon SCOTUS’ historic ruling in June.

“We salute Katie Lang for holding her ground and for showing how this issue works in law; an employee asserts their First Amendment religious freedom rights and the government must seek to reasonably accommodate those beliefs, as was the case here when Lang delegated her role to another employee.

“This frivolous lawsuit is about intimidation and money for the LGBT machine. The same-sex ‘marriage’ license in this case was issued less than an hour after the marriage application was submitted. Claims of 150 hours of legal time are ridiculous.

“Hood County attorney Lori Kaspar essentially caved in to the extortion efforts of the LGBT machine. If she was unable to stand up to the LGBT machine and reject their demands for money, she should have had other attorneys get involved in the case.

“It is our understanding that the personal lawyers for Katie Lang, Liberty Institute, were not a part of the deal-making agreement with the LGBT lawyers.

“The people of Hood County should be outraged that their county attorney gave away thousands of dollars on a case that was essentially over before it started.”

Saenz says the marriage license was issued “less than an hour” after the application was submitted. He’s rewriting history there.

Point of fact – the marriage license was applied for on June 29th, and the license was not issued until July 6th. And it was only issued after the law suit was filed.