Another ‘Karen’ Loses The Blame Game

Lisa Alexander (screen capture via Boy Culture)

Oh, lord, another ‘Karen’ telling a Black American what he should or shouldn’t do.

Twitter user Jaimetoons shared this video of a woman reportedly named Lisa Alexander, who apparently owns LaFace Laboratories – a makeup company – who politely asserts (as politely as a white person can assert) that he is committing a crime ‘defacing’ his own private property.

And she tells him she knows the owner – which is him – so, there’s that.

What is wrong with these people?

Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were filled with Candace Owens and anti-CNN messaging – until she deleted them.

Alabama Mayor Under Fire For Call To ‘Kill Out’ LGBTQs

In a Facebook post, Mayor Mark Chambers of Carbon Hill, Alabama, complained about LGBTQ people then told a commenters "the only way to change it would be to kill the problem out."
Mayor Mark Chambers is under fire for social media posts calling for ‘killing out’ LGBTQs

An Alabama mayor is facing criticism after posting controversial comments to his Facebook page.

Carbon Hill Mayor Mark Chambers wrote on his Facebook page in all capital letters:

“We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics.”

Chambers’ constituents responded to the post, but one response from a Facebook friend got the mayor’s attention.

“By giving the minority more rights than the majority,” wrote the supporter. “I hate to think of the country my grandkids will live in unless somehow we change and I think that will take a revolution.”

Having singled ‘homosexuals’ and ‘transvestites’ as the issue, Chambers wrote back, “The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

“To kill the problem out.”

“Without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

Chambers’ original statement on Facebook which was quickly deleted

Local news affiliate WBRC contacted the mayor to clarify the social media statements.

Initially, the mayor denied posting the comments telling WBRC reporter Brittany Dionne, “I don’t think I posted that, I think that’s somebody else’s post.”

Dionne pointed out she was on the correct Facebook page noting photos of his family and birthday greetings, and asked if someone might be using his identity on Facebook.

Chambers replied with a meek “I don’t know.” When Dionne asked to meet in person, the mayor hung up.

Chambers did call back a few minutes later wherein he admitted to writing the post but argued it was being “taken out of context.”

“I never said anything about killing out gays or anything like that,” he told WBRC. Chambers explained that his comments were in reference to what might happen in a “revolution.”

“If it comes to a revolution in this country, both sides of these people will be killed out,” he said.

During the second call, Chambers also claimed that immigrants were taking over the country and called them “ungrateful.”

The mayor added that the post was meant to be a private message and didn’t intend for the public to see it.

He complained that he didn’t realize his Facebook page was available to the public, and shortly after the call with Dionne, his page went to private status.

You can watch the full report from Brittany Dionne at WBRC’s website here.

Chambers was elected mayor of Carbon Hill, population 2,000, in 2014.

(source: WBRC)

NYC Lawyer Whose Racist Rant Went Viral Apologizes: “I Moved To NYC For The Diversity”

After being revealed as a bigoted racist in a viral video showing NYC attorney Aaron Schlossberg ranting at two women speaking Spanish in a lunch time restaurant, Schlossberg has issued a public apology
NYC attorney Aaron Schlossberg

After his bigoted, racist rant in a Midtown Manhattan lunch spot went viral, pro-Trump lawyer Aaron Schlossberg has become the target of much attention.

Reporters following him down streets and into buildings; folks have thrown mariachi parties in front of his building on the Upper West Side.

Well, it seems as though Schlossberg has raised a white flag of surrender.

Today, the New York City-based attorney issued a public apology telling the world seeing himself on video “opened” his eyes, and who we see in that hate-filled rant “is not the person I am.”

Here’s the full message:

To the people I insulted, I apologize, seeing myself online opened my eyes — the manner in which I expressed myself is unacceptable and is not the person I am. I see my words and actions hurt people, and for that I am deeply sorry.

While people should be able to express themselves freely, they should do so calmly and respectfully. What the video did not convey is the real me, I am not racist. One of the reasons I moved to New York is precisely because of the remarkable diversity offered in this wonderful city.

I love this country and this city, in part because of immigrants and the diversity of cultures immigrants bring to this country. Again, my sincerest apologies to anyone and everyone I hurt.

Not to be cynical, but in all honesty, what other move could he make without being a pariah now that he’s so famous as a bigoted, racist?

The man who spoke so freely in that video does NOT love diversity.

By the way, check out the ratio between “Likes” and “Comments” on Schlossberg’s tweet. When you’re that upside-down, you’re not getting high fives in the Comment section.

Some reaction from the Twitterverse:

Trump Judicial Nominee Admits He Discriminates Against Gays: “Does That Mean I Can’t Be A Judge?”

Jeff Mateer

VICE News has compiled remarks from two speeches given by Jeff Mateer, Donald Trump’s nominee to become a district judge in Texas.

Currently the first assistant attorney general in Texas, Mateer told the National Religious Liberties Conference in 2015 he openly discriminates against gay people:

“Guess what? I attend a conservative Baptist church. We discriminate, alright. On the basis of sexual orientation, we discriminate. Does that mean I can’t be a judge? In some states, I think that’s true, unfortunately.”

Vice News combined remarks from two speeches, each an hour long, into a single audio file, with beeps indicating editing.

Just a few of the thoughts Mateer shared with his audience:

• diversity training is “brainwashing” and “reprogramming”

• the “separation of church and state” is nowhere in the Constitution

• gay marriage is unconstitutional

• LGBTQ-friendly workplaces force Christians to approve of their policies

• gay marriage is a “challenge” for Christians.

This guy is nominated to be a federal judge. Think on that.

Saying his comments disqualify him, 36 LGBTQ advocacy organizations sent a letter to the Senate on Tuesday demanding that its members vote down Mateer’s nomination.

Listen to the compilation below.

Former NC Gov. Pat McCrory: I Can’t Get A Job Because People Think I’m A Bigot!

Pat McCrory

Excuse me if I can’t find any crocodile tears for former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, who says his support for anti-LGBT HB2 last year is now making employers reluctant to hire him.

The former governor complained to Christian podcast WORLD that even though he’s left office, HB2 “has impacted me to this day, even after I left office. People are reluctant to hire me, because, ‘oh my gosh, he’s a bigot’ – which is the last thing I am.”

As folks know, HB2 struck down local nondiscrimination ordinances and requires transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate while they are in schools and other government facilities. The legislation has cost North Carolina millions and millions in lost revenue through cancelled conventions, business, sporting and music events.

He then went on to blame his current situation on liberal advocacy groups: “If you disagree with the politically correct thought police on this new definition of gender, you’re a bigot, you’re the worst of evil,” he said. “It’s almost as if I broke a law.”

Along the way, he took a swipe at transgender people saying, “You ask the doctor if it’s a boy or a girl; you don’t ask the baby.”

The North Carolina Democratic Party has no pity for the pious McCrory, either, issuing this statement:

“North Carolina has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and thousands of jobs as a direct result of House Bill 2, but I guess we can start adding Gov. McCrory’s career to the total as well.”


Donald Trump Calls HIllary Clinton A “Bigot” #Sad

And the political discourse descends even further into the abyss.

While Republican Donald Trump has referred to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s “bigotry” in the past,  he’s now gone full tilt boogie on the accusation last night during a rally in Jackson, Mississippi.

From CBS News:

“Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future,” he said. “She’s going to do nothing for African Americans. She’s going to do nothing for the Hispanics. She’s only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. These are the people she cares about.”

Clinton responds to Trump labelling her a “bigot”

“She doesn’t care about you,” he said, addressing African American voters, who were not in the room to hear his pitch.

“You’ve had her policies. Democrats running some of the inner cities for 50, 70, 80 even over a hundred years. And look what you have right now. Poverty, no education, crime, you can’t walk down the street with your child,” Trump continued. “We’re going to fix it. Hillary Clinton has no remorse.”

While Jackson is predominantly black — nearly 80 percent of its residents are African American — the audience at Trump’s rally was predominantly white.

I keep wondering – if Trump wants to appeal to black voters, why doesn’t he go meet them face to face like in a predominately black church or school or community? How about some honest to go retail politicking?

Trump has brought this campaign season to so many all time lows. #Sad

Even some of Trump’s supporters were shocked by the rhetoric.

Alabama: Birmingham News Says “Roy Moore Is Delusional About Roy Moore”

 The editorial board in Alabama has a scathing op-ed addressing misguided, anti-gay State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore and his latest attempts to stop same-sex marriage in his state.

Just an excerpt – from the folks who know him best:

It is time Roy Moore realized that he is wrong. He is wrong on this issue, he is wrong in thinking he might ever be governor of Alabama, he is wrong in seeing himself as of presidential timber, he is wrong in thinking that he matters.

Already, there are citizen calls for his impeachment. He will soon go into retirement and be remembered as a bigot, disrespectful of the law and of his fellow human beings. That might be the only memory he has earned in his time in public office. And, hopefully, Alabama’s citizens will be remembered as the ones who showed him the door.

Sen. Marco Rubio Doesn’t Like Being Called A “Bigot”

On CBS’ Face The Nation this past weekend, GOP White House hopeful (currently trailing fourth in most polls), cast himself as the victim saying he’s been called a “bigot” for not supporting equal rights for LGBTs.

“Increasingly, Americans feel out of place, because it seems like the people who have access to power and influence win, and everybody else is left on the outside looking in,” Rubio said. “People that hold traditional values are often described as bigots and haters.”

Arguing that President Barack Obama has said that “people that don’t support same-sex marriage are wrong,” Rubio then added, “I have been called a bigot for not supporting [same-sex marriage].”

Last week, the Florida senator suggested that if he is elected president, the justices he will nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court may roll back marriage equality.

It’s worth noting that Sen. Rubio has actively/publicly campaigned against marriage equality and other rights for LGBTs.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “bigot” as: “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.”

I think that’s a pretty fair description of Sen. Rubio’s situation. He does hold to his own opinions and does not shift from those positions.

So, maybe bigot IS exactly the right word…?

Congressman Louie Gohmert: Put Gay Couples On An Island To See If They Die Out

While speaking at Liberty University last week, anti-LGBT Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert repeated his call to test his theory that same-sex relationships are “unnatural.”

“Let’s just take a totally secular approach to this. Congress is good about having studies; how about if we take four heterosexual couples and put them on an island where they have everything they need to live and exist and we take four couples of just men and put them on an island where they have all they need to survive and then let’s take four couples of just women and put them on an island and then lets come back in 100 years and see which one nature favors.”

Of course, the same could be said about infertile couples or seniors who are past the age of reproduction.

But logic never gets in the way of Mr. Gohmert.

Watch below.