Trump Will Campaign For Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bill’ Candidate In NC

Donald Trump has announced he will campaign at a night-before rally for Republican candidate Dan Bishop (above with Trump) for Congress in a special election in North Carolina.

Because, of course…

Bishop, among other things, was the author of the hateful, anti-transgender ‘bathroom bill’ in the Tar Heel state.

Via The Charlotte Observer:

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Fayetteville on Sept. 9, the night before a special congressional election in the 9th District.

The Trump campaign announced the rally Tuesday, fulfilling a promise he made in a tweet last week to return to the state to campaign for Republican Dan Bishop. Trump will rally at the Fayetteville Regional Airport at 7 p.m.

Bishop faces Democrat Dan McCready and two third-party candidates in the special election. The election was called after allegations of election fraud caused state officials to nullify the election last fall. The seat has been vacant since January.

You’ll recall the special election is being held because the ‘winner’ from the 2018 election was found to have hired election ‘influencers’ who took and threw away ballots to swing the election to the Republican.

Alaska: Anchorage Voters Reject Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska have rejected Proposition 1, an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” that would have forced folks to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their birth certificate gender.

From Anchorage Press:

No on Prop 1 took 53 percent of the votes with yes getting 46 percent.

This failure of the referendum to pass would mean that laws would retain the rights afforded to transgender people as passed in the Anchorage Assembly resolution of 2015.

Hurray for the good guys!

Podcast: Texas “Bathroom Bill” Dies In Special Session; Kesha Dedicates “Rainbow” to LGBTs

In this week’s podcast:

• The special session of the Texas legislature closed this week without passing a proposed anti-transgender bathroom bill

• A Missouri lawmaker thinks there’s a difference between human beings and the gays

• Kesha penned an open letter to LGBTs explaining the title track to her new album, Rainbow

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Texas: “Bathroom Bill” Dies Again As Special Legislative Session Ends

From NBC News:

A Texas “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people died again late Tuesday along with many of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s summer demands as an already bruising legislative session was derailed by Republican backbiting that could preview an even nastier 2018 primary season.

It is the second time that North Carolina-style bathroom restrictions have failed to pass in Texas, and Abbott gave no indication he would order weary lawmakers to stay in Austin and try again – which would risk a third failure over what has erupted into one of the most high-profile bills in any U.S. legislature.

Corporate heavyweights from Amazon to Exxon Mobil lined up against the measure, as did some top law enforcement agencies, and opponents celebrated the latest failure despite the support from the governor and influential social conservatives who drive GOP politics and primaries in Texas.

“Today’s victory shows what can happen when transgender Americans and their allies stay vigilant and push back against legislation that helps no one and harms many,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, a national LGBT rights group.

JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president for policy and political affairs at the Human Rights Campaign, issued a statement which read in part, “We hope that this time, this issue remains settled: Texans don’t want harmful, anti-transgender legislation. First and foremost, these bills were defeated because of the many voices that came out in opposition, saying, ‘don’t discriminate in the Lone Star State.’

Texas’ “Bathroom Bill” Looking Less Likely As Special Session Nears End

With only a few days left in the special session of the Texas legislature called by Gov. Greg Abbott, Senate Bill 6, the anti-transgender “bathroom bill,” hasn’t even had a committee hearing placed on the schedule in the state House.

And according to the chairman of the committee that would handle the bill, a hearing any time soon looks unlikely.

From The Advocate:

Rep. Byron Cook, chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, said this week he had no plans to hold a hearing on the bill, which must pass his committee before going to the full House.

“Quite candidly, at this point, I don’t know what a hearing would add when we already had hearings” during the regular session, he told Austin TV station KXAN. In that session, the bill passed the Senate but stalled in the House. Some supporters are still holding out hope that it could be attached to other legislation, but that seems unlikely as well.

The testimony during the regular session was heavily against SB 6, which would require students, staff, and visitors in public schools to use the restrooms and other single-sex facilities matching the gender on their birth certificate or an ID issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and would put the same restriction on those using facilities in buildings overseen by local governments. It would also override portions of city ordinances that allow trans people to use the restrooms of their choice.

“Corporate America is stepping forward, speaking loudly about the fact that this will have a chilling effect on business opportunity in this state,” Cook recently told The New York Times. “I’m hearing from many major corporations about this bill and the effect it will have.”

Companies that have stated their opposition include IBM, Amazon, Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Capital One, Ben & Jerry’s, Facebook, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. The overall list of opponents encompasses more than 650 businesses, chambers of commerce, and convention and visitors’ bureaus, according to the Texas Association of Business, which has organized a campaign against the bill with a coalition called Keep Texas Open for Business.

The bill passed the state Senate two weeks ago, but the moderate Republican Speaker of the House Joe Straus is no fan of the legislation, and has indicated he may not even bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

Podcast: Texas’ Anti-Trans Bill; Star Trek Discovery; New Jersey’s Support For Trans Students

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• Rhode Island becomes the 9th state to ban harmful “ex-gay therapy”

• New Jersey passes required guidance for trans students

Star Trek Discovery will feature its first gay romantic couple

• We may soon find out if Academy Award winner Moonlight opened the door for more mainstream success for queer-themed cinema

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Texas Association Of Business Announces 7 Figure Media Buy To Oppose Proposed “Bathroom Bill”

As the Texas legislature begins debating an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” during a special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott, Jeff Moseley, CEO of the Texas Association of Business, announces a seven-figure media buy to oppose the hideous bill.

Via press release:

“Today the Texas Association of Business is announcing a seven-figure media buy in opposition to the unnecessary bathroom bill.

“For more than 95 years, TAB has been on the front lines of every issue that impacts Texas businesses; and today we represent more than 2,000,000 employees and $6 Billion in business.

“What affects business in Texas affects ALL Texans: it affects our schools, our roads, our state budget, and our quality of life. When businesses succeed, Texas communities and families succeed.

“The bathroom bill distracts from the real challenges we face and would result in terrible economic consequences—on talent, on tourism, on investment, on growth, and on small businesses. That’s why TAB and the Keep Texas Open for Business coalition are investing heavily in this effort and remain steadfastly opposed to this unnecessary legislation.”

Transgender Woman Brilliantly Trolls Texas Governor On Proposed “Bathroom Bill”

(via Instagram)

Ashley Smith, a transgender Texas woman, brilliantly trolled Gov. Greg Abbott with this pic posted to Instagram.

Posing with the governor after the announcement of his re-election campaign, Smith shared the photo on Instagram after tagging #BATHROOMBUDDY across the top.

Along with the pic, Smith captioned the post saying, “How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?”

The Texas Legislature begins a special session called by the governor where a big focus will be on passing an anti-trans “bathroom bill” which would require trans people to use public restrooms which correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate.

I should note, however, that even states that actually provide public accommodation protections for trans people can’t ensure they will be treated with respect.

Here in Las Vegas, a transgender woman visiting from San Francisco was recently barred from using the ladies room at the New York-New York Hotel. Nevada state law expressly says gender identity is a protected class against discrimination in the state.

This is why we need The Equality Act passed in Congress which would address LGBT protections on a federal level.

Of course, that’s not going to happen with the current Republican controlled Congress.