News Round-Up: May 2, 2019

• InstaHunk JW says, "Be thankful for the hard times - they can only make you stronger."

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunk JW says, “Be thankful for the hard times – they can only make you stronger.”

• Jake Bain, the Indiana State football player who came out while still in high school, has announced he will “step away from football and focus on academics.”

• In anticipation of the upcoming Rocketman, chronicling the life of music superstar Elton John, the producers have released an official music video of the title song sung by film’s star, Taron Egerton. The musical fantasy biopic lands in US theaters May 31.

• Out producer/director Greg Berlanti (Love, Simon; Riverdale; Supergirl) says the most egregious example of anti-LGBTQ bias he’s seen in Hollywood was “gay executives and gay casting people who were the least likely to let me cast an actor they knew was gay in a straight part. These were the individuals who knew how important it would be.”

• Far-right loons like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopolous have been banned from Facebook and Instagram (finally) in an effort to reduce hate speech.

• When Channing Tatum loses, we all win. The ‘Magic Mike’ star lost a game of Jenga, and so he had to post a photo of girlfriend Jessie J’s choosing. She has good taste.

News Round-Up: September 8, 2018

Official 'Summer Ambassador' Joey Hornyak (above) says "Summer is closely coming to an end. The best way to max out the beautiful days that remain is to kick back pool-side with a Grey Goose cocktail in hand." I ain't mad... ;)
(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• Official ‘Summer Ambassador’ Joey Hornyak (above) says “Summer is closely coming to an end. The best way to max out the beautiful days that remain is to kick back pool-side with a Grey Goose cocktail in hand.” I ain’t mad… 😉

• After announcing a new category – “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film” – the Academy for Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has scrapped the idea, clearly meant to pander to a TV audience.

• NBC has announced a new Law & Order spin-off that will focus entirely on hate crimes.

• Dulles Airport has rolled out a new facial recognition system to check fliers into their flights in an effort to forego paper or phone-based boarding passes.

• A far-right anti-LGBT presidential candidate in Brazil was stabbed during a campaign stop.

• Twitter has finally permanently banned InfoWars nutjob Alex Jones for his off-the-wall, crazy-tunes antics.

• MNEK drops his latest single, “Correct,” just days before he releases his debut album, Language.

It’s an imaginative and powerful statement from a man who’s been in the music industry for 10 years.

While “Correct” openly addresses the pressure of delivering his debut, he openly expresses the struggles of being an out, gay, black man in this ever-challenging “Crazy World.”

Check out “Correct” below.

Transphobic Alex Jones: “Everybody Has Had Porn Pop-Up On Their Phones Hundreds Of Times”

Alex Jones

After transphobic conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones was caught with transgender porn on his phone during an episode of his InfoWars last week, Jones took a moment last night to deny the allegation.

It’s an age-old story, don’t you know?

Every transphobic bigot “has had porn pop-up on their phones hundreds of times,” right?

From The Wrap:

“I saw a couple of news articles about that, it’s ridiculous. I was like looking up some reporter we’re trying to hire today and punched in some number and porn popped up on my phone. Everybody has had porn pop-up on their phone hundreds of times,” Jones explained to a caller on Tuesday.

“I probably had porn menus pop up 500 times on my phone,” he added. “There’s two types of people: People who look at porn and people who lie about it. But I wasn’t looking at porn on my phone. I don’t take phones on air that I look at porn on.”

In addition to asserting the Sandy Hook gun massacre was staged, Jones has been an virulently anti-trans activist for year claiming the transgender movement will bring down society, and telling his audience that accepting trans kids is an attempt to ‘sexualize’ them.

Jones has recently been banned from practically all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify

Trump, Of All People, Denounces “Censorship” In Morning Twitter Rant

Donald Trump, who earlier this week took away former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance as punishment for speaking out against him, took to Twitter this morning to denounce (of all things) "censorship."
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, who earlier this week took away former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance as punishment for speaking out against him, took to Twitter this morning to denounce (of all things) “censorship.”

Claiming “social media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices,” the Trumpster lamented that “Too many voices are being destroyed, some good & some bad.”

This probably has more to do with nutjob/InfoWars host Alex Jones being shut out of practically all social media for his continued baseless rantings.

Remember, Jones is the guy who claimed the Sandy Hook shooting was faked. He publicly called out to Trump to save him from being cut off of social media.

This looks like his request has been answered.

Note: Trump appears to have tweeted these missives right after Fox & Friends discussed the issue – more proof that Trump has never had an original thought in his life.

Performance Artist Alex Jones Goes Bat-Shit Crazy Over CNN’s Brian Stelter

OMG! This is totally scream-worthy.

This guy – Alex Jones – is a major player among conservative followers. THIS is what the far-right listens to.

And what’s sad is: this is just another day at the office for Alex Jones.

Here’s just a snack-size taste of his ramped-up crazy-town performance. This one rails at CNN contributor Brian Stelter.

“I pledge before my heavenly Father that I will resist them every way I can. These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell – look at him. He runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks – this guy. This spirit. This smiling, leering devil that thinks you can’t see what he is. He is your enemy, period, all the narcissistic devil-worshiping filth. I see you, enemy. I see you, enemy. Enemy! Enemy!”

Grab the popcorn, kick back and laugh along…

(h/t JoeMyGod)

News Round-Up: June 16, 2017

Ignacio Pérez Rey via Instagram

• Ignacio Pérez Rey already has the jump on the weekend. #TGIF

• Big deal – Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

• Virulently anti-LGBT Rep. Steve Scalise owes his life to out and proud Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, who took down Scalise’s shooter.

• Info Wars nut Alex Jones says he secretly recorded his full pre-interview with Megyn Kelly, and has released it in an attempt to embarrass the former Fox News host. In the recording, she promises no “gotcha” questions and fawns over Jones saying she finds him “fascinating.” Jones says he also recorded the full four hour interview and will release that if he thinks Kelly’s upcoming Sunday night airing distorts his statements.

• President Trump has appointed his son’s wedding planner to run the Department of Housing Urban Development Region II, which includes New York. In case you’re wondering – no, she has absolutely no experience in housing, and according to reports she lied about having a law degree.

• Vice President Pence lawyers up as the current special counsel investigation widens it’s scope.

• Expect to hear Grammy®-nominated recording artist Audien and acclaimed DJ/producer 3LAU play their new collaboration, the haunting new single “Hot Water”  this weekend at EDC 2017 in Las Vegas. Listen below.

News Round-Up: May 18, 2017

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Some news stories you may have missed:

• It may be Thursday, but no one’s throwing him back – photographer Frank Marando shoots Instastud Nick Sandell for Adon Magazine (above).

• Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn stopped a military plan Turkey opposed before he was fired. But – Flynn didn’t disclose until after he was fired that he received $500,000 from Turkey to represent their interests. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm

• Wing-nut commentator Alex Jones says National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s bald head means he’s a “leather daddy” who looks like “he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.” Homophobic much?

• The United States has denied visas to gay Chechen men who are trying to flee the country in light of the torture and murders of gays in the Russian country.

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a surprising statement underlining the Justice Department’s commitment to prosecuting bias-related crimes against transgender individuals. Sessions has had a worrisome history when it comes to LGBT rights and protections.

Jimmy Kimmel Live takes a cue from School House Rock to musically explain how truth, or the lack of it, works in today’s White House:

Stephen Colbert Nails Parody Of Alex Jones As “Tuck Buckford”

Who says Alex Jones of Info Wars is unstable? Other than his ex-wife who’s suing him in court?

He’s just like you and me.

Well, maybe he’s just like Stephen Colbert’s character “Tuck Buckford.”

I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Mr. Jones – he just rants and rants and rants, and somehow that’s how folks want to get their news?

“Tuck’s” explanation for the Tooth Fairy is so spot-on Jones, I literally laughed out loud.

Watch below.

Alex Jones: The United States Is Preparing To Nuke China

As a follow-up to yesterday’s threats to “beat the goddamn ass” of “fairy cocksucker” Rep. Adam Schiff, Info Wars’ Alex Jones ranted this video message declaring Trump will order a preemptive nuclear strike on China.

From Right Wing Watch:

Jones said that China is using the Korean standoff to prepare for war against the U.S. and that President Trump tried to form an alliance with Russia in hopes of forestalling Chinese aggression.

And yet, Jones said, Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to undercut Trump, including California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. Repeating his homophobic comments about Schiff, the “InfoWars” broadcaster said “scumbags” like Schiff are hurting the country: “You think having all those fairies and pansies over there with their little chicken necks running around attacking our president all day makes us look strong? It makes us look weak!”

“So if China keeps pushing,” he added, “the only option is full commitment to hit China preemptively. That’s the only way to survive this nuclear war and Trump knows it. And Russia has already been told they better stand down. The United States is preparing to nuke China so get ready assholes! All of you wanted it, you’re gonna get it!”

Doesn’t Alex Jones seem like a character from pro wrestling?

Watch his rant below:

Pickle-Gate: InfoWars Alex Jones Isn’t Buying Hillary’s Incredible Feat Of Strength

InfoWars nut Alex Jones apparently took 7 minutes this week to dissect and dismantle the serious controversy of “Pickle-Gate,” which began when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was challenged – and succeeded – in opening a jar of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to prove she’s strong enough to be president.

But Alex isn’t buying it. Seven full minutes, including slow motion views of the pickle “can” Hillary opened, were taken to explore how on earth Hillary could achieve such an amazing feat of strength.

Like all good comedy, when you start based in reality then veer into absurdity, this gets pretty funny.