Secret Service Bringing In Former Agents To Protect Biden

Photo of President-elect Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden (via campaign)

The Washington Post reports there are some staff changes in the works in regard to the Secret Service agents who are assigned to protect the president due to concerns that some current members have shown some alignment with Donald Trump and his agenda.

And so, the Secret Service is apparently bringing back a short-list of senior agents whom President-elect Joe Biden knows well from his time as vice president.

More the Washington Post:

Staff changes are typical with the arrival of a new president and are designed to increase the trust and comfort the incoming president feels with his protective agents, who often stand by the president’s side during sensitive discussions and private moments.

But the shifts underway occur at a particularly contentious time, as Trump has blamed his reelection loss on unfounded allegations of voter fraud and has sought to block his administration from treating Biden as the president-elect. Some in the Secret Service also came under criticism during Trump’s tenure for appearing to embrace his political agenda.

For instance, some presidential detail members urged other agents and Secret Service officers not to wear masks on presidential trips this year — against the administration’s own public health guidance — as the president felt wearing masks projected weakness, The Washington Post has reported.

The Secret Service also took the unprecedented step of allowing the former detail leader to temporarily leave his job to become a White House political adviser.