Reuters Predicts 326 Electoral Votes For Hillary Clinton

Reuters Predicts 326 Electoral Votes For Hillary Clinton

Reuter’s “State of the Nation” project is predicting Democrat Hillary Clinton to win in a landslide with 326 electoral votes.

In the last week, there has been little movement. Clinton leads Donald Trump in most of the states that Trump would need should he have a chance to win the minimum 270 votes needed to win. According to the project, she has a better than 95 percent chance of winning, if the election was held this week. The mostly likely outcome would be 326 votes for Clinton to 212 for Trump.

Trump came off his best debate performance of the campaign Wednesday evening but the polling consensus still showed Clinton winning the third and final face-off on prime-time TV. Trump disputes those findings.

And some national polls had the race tightening a wee bit this week though others had Clinton maintaining her solid lead. But the project illustrates that the broader picture remains bleak for Trump with 17 days to go until the Nov. 8 election.

Reuters notes that Trump has lost ground in Arizona and Utah. Conservative Independent Utah native Evan McMullin is currently leading in polls there. Some pundits believe it possible for the independent to win the state’s 6 electoral votes.