Pride Events Cancelled After Mass Shooting At Oslo Gay Bar

A lone gunman opened fire on people at the London Pub, a popular gay bar in Oslo, Norway, just hours before the country's first in-person Pride parade in years.
(screen capture via CBS Mornings)

Norway’s first Pride festival in years has been cut short after an early-morning mass shooting left two people dead and at least 10 others seriously wounded outside a popular gay club in downtown Oslo. Police are reportedly viewing the attack as an act of terrorism.

The shooting occurred just hours before Oslo was set to host its first Pride events since 2019. The parade and the rest of the festival, scheduled to run through Monday, has been cancelled at the urging of the police.

From the New York Times:

A gunman — who the police said they believed had acted alone — opened fire around 1 a.m. outside two nightclubs and a diner and was detained within minutes. A lawyer for the Oslo police, Christian Hatlo, said that officers had seized two weapons, including a fully automatic one that he described as “not a modern gun.” Both weapons were unregistered, the police said.

The two people killed in the attack were both men, in their 50s and 60s, the police said. Mr. Hatlo said that, along with the 10 people who were seriously wounded, 11 others were left with minor injuries, some caused during a panicked rush to flee the area.

The man they detained, the police said, was a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen who was originally from Iran and had a record of minor crimes. He had been known to the Norwegian Police Security Service since 2015.

Police say the gunman’s motives weren’t clear at this time but they are investigating it as a hate crime.

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Gun violence is rare in Norway where gun owners are required to obtain a license and take safety classes. Due to an attack by a gunman in 2011, Parliament banned semiautomatic weapons in the country.

Here’s the report from CBS Mornings: