Podcast: Chatting With Country Music Star Cameron Hawthorn

Cameron Hawthorn (photo: Matthew Holler)

Since the release of his oh-so-romantic 2019 single, “Dancing in the Living Room,” out singer/songwriter Cameron Hawthorn has continued to release a string of top-shelf country anthems.

From “To Break Hers,” a heartbreaking tribute to a previous relationship before he came out, to the sexually-charged, dance floor filler, “Oh Hot Damn!,” Cameron keeps knocking it out of the park.

Now, the handsome country crooner has released his new EP – Mustang.

With an obvious knowledge and appreciation for classic country, Cameron brings a fresh, current flavor to his music that ranges from authentic emotional ballads to swaggering up-tempos.

Listen in as I chat with the handsome singer/songwriter.

Find Mustang at these digital sites. For more info about Cameron, head over to his official website here.

Follow him on Instagram here (yep, totally easy on the eyes) and on Facebook here. And you can check out his other music videos on YouTube here.