Pence: Trump Was ‘Surrounded By Crackpot Lawyers That Kept Telling Him What His Itching Ears Wanted To Hear’

Former Vice President Mike Pence
Former Vice President Mike Pence (screen capture)

Former Vice President Mike Pence wants to make it clear he was never onboard for Donald Trump’s “flip the votes” ploy during the counting of electoral votes on January 6, 2020.

Pence puts the blame for how Trump got to where he is today on “crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear.”

Responding to the newly-released indictments against Trump this week, Pence had this to say today on the campaign trail:

“For my part, I want people to know that I had no right to overturn the election. And that what the president maintained that day, and frankly has said over and over again over the last two and a half years, is completely false. And it’s contrary to what our Constitution and the laws of this country provide.

“You know, I’m a student of American history. And the first time I heard in early December somebody suggest that as vice president I might be able to decide which votes to reject and which to accept, I knew that it was false.

“I dismissed it out of hand. Sadly, the president was surrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear.”

Pence also says he didn’t know anything about various schemes to line-up fake electors in swing states across the country: “I learned that after the fact.”

It’s worth noting that Pence, or the office of the vice-presidency, are mentioned more than 100 times in the new indictment.

According to the document, Pence took “contemporaneous notes” about Trump and his allies’ attempt to subvert the election results.

And among those notes was this exchange on January 1, when Trump eviscerated Pence for refusing to go along with his scheme: “You’re too honest,” Trump reportedly told Pence, according to the former veep’s notes.