Out Music: Tom Goss ‘Irreplaceable’

Tom Goss (image via screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss shares this haunting new synth-pop single, “Irreplaceable.”

Set in a frozen, bare landscape, Goss sings of tender devotion to the listener:

I know you fear, I know you doubt
Your place, our love, tomorrow’s light
You are irreplaceable
You are irreplaceable

Throughout, Goss trades places with a diverse set of friends and even his husband, Michael, in an exercise underscoring all of our individuality and uniqueness.


On the other end of the emotional spectrum, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Tom has announced his 2021 calendar is now available.

If the cover is any indication, you can check out Tom every day in the new year (roller skates, 70s shorts and all).