NYC Gay Bar Patrons Possibly Drugged By Robbers + More News

NYC Gay Bar Patrons Possibly Drugged By Robbers + More News
(photo by Maurício Mascaro via Pexels)

Some news items you might have missed:

NBC News: Three men who visited a New York City gay bar were robbed of thousands of dollars using facial recognition access on their phones, the New York Police Department confirmed on Thursday.

Rolling Stone: A new Donna Summer documentary, chronicling Summer’s unique career from a star of the avant-garde art, music, and theater scene in Germany to an era-defining global superstar, will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival this month before arriving on HBO in May.

CBS News: Truth-challenged Rep. George Santos (R-NY) appears to owe nearly $4,000 in unpaid traffic/parking tickets in New York and Florida.

Queerty: Meet Timo Cavelius, Germany’s first openly gay Judo champion and a total dreamboat.

Politico: A Jan. 6 defendant’s boast in an interview this week that he had ‘no regrets’ about his role in the Capitol riot — just days after he acknowledged his guilt in a federal courtroom — may screw up his efforts to resolve the criminal case against him. #bigmouth

Twitter: After news spread about a Chinese spy balloon above the U.S., Donald Trump Jr. encouraged “the good people of Montana” to shoot the balloon – flying 60,000 feet above the planet – down. Folks had some thoughts on that.

p.s. Such balloons have appeared over U.S. territory before, including during the Trump administration.