News Round-Up: September 12, 2018

• InstaHunk Rodiney Santiago can't stop gushing about his awesome vacay in Mykonos. Funny, I can't stop gushing about Rodiney... :)
Rodiney Santiago (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk Rodiney Santiago can’t stop gushing about his awesome vacay in Mykonos. Funny, I can’t stop gushing about Rodiney… 🙂

• Hottie Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy recently told US Magazine that he believes Colton Haynes may be reconciling with his ex, Jeff Leatham.

• Tadd Fujikawa has become the first male professional golfer to come out as gay.

• Viola Davis recently told the New York Times she has some regrets about making the film, The Help, as the story ended up being more about the white characters’ perspective on racism than those of the black characters.

• According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal budget deficit was $895 billion for the first 11 months of fiscal year 2018, $222 billion more than the shortfall recorded during the same period last year. #SoMuchWinning

• Chris Pine is amused by folks reaction to his full-frontal scene in the new film, Outlaw King:

“What I find very funny is that there’s so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis,” Pine told the The Hollywood Reporter. “And I think that says something about our society, where people can get disemboweled, but it’s the man’s junk that is of interest.”