News Round-Up: May 5, 2022

News Round-Up: May 5, 2022
Neil Patrick Harris in Netflix’s “Uncoupled”

Some news items you might have missed:

Netflix: The streaming platform announces the new Neil Patrick Harris vehicle – the upcoming Uncoupled. Premieres July 29.

Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) thought his life was perfect until his husband blindsides him by walking out the door after 17 years. Overnight, Michael has to confront two nightmares — losing what he thought was his soulmate and suddenly finding himself a single gay man in his mid-forties in New York City.

Texas Tribune:  A new survey of Texas residents found that 78% of respondents believe abortion should be allowed in some form while only 15% said it should be never permitted.

New York Post: A group of 5 Republican senators from five states (North Dakota, Kansas, Utah, Indiana and Montana) want a new TV rating created so parents can block their children from watching shows with LGBTQ characters.

Justice Department: William Todd Wilson, 45, has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy in connection with the Capitol breach. He is the 3rd member of the Oath Keepers to plead guilty to charges.

NBC News: The U.S. on Wednesday surpassed 1 million Covid-19 deaths, according to data compiled by NBC News — a once unthinkable scale of loss even for the country with the world’s highest recorded toll from the virus.

Madonna: The queen of pop has curated two new collections: FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE: 50 NUMBER ONES, a new 50-track collection that includes her favorite remixes of her #1 dance hits, and an abridged 16-track version, simply titled FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE.