News Round-Up: December 31, 2021

My final post of 2021. Here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year’s celebration. I’ll be home on my couch with wonder pups Scarlett and Brody and a glass of champagne hours before midnight.

I want to extend my sincere thanks for joining me here on The Randy Report as it wouldn’t be any fun without you.

Some final news items you might have missed…

LGBTQ Nation: Transgender advocate Gavin Grimm spent years suing a school board after it banned him from using the boys’ restroom in 2014. He finally won his case but today, he’s struggling to hold onto his housing.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s round-up of the best in queer publications like DNA Magazine looking forward to the ‘Next Big Things.

DNA Magazine looks forward to 'The Next Big Things'
(image via DNA Magazine)

Raw Story: Trump fan-boy and MyPillow owner Mike Lindell lashes out at fans who are revolting against his failed Trump ‘reinstatement’ predictions.

NBC News: When every day seems the same and stress is unrelenting, it can affect people’s cognitive skills. Experts offer coping strategies.

Calendar Season: The famous Warwick Rowers, who have raised lots of money to promote inclusivity in sports and oppose homophobia, are now the Worldwide Roar Association. And their 2022 calendar is available now.