News Round-Up: July 16, 2021

Voters stand in line waiting to vote
Voters stand in line waiting to vote
Investigation by AP found few potential cases of voting irregularities in Arizona

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: It seems Caitlyn Jenner is filming her ‘campaign’ for governor of California – any guesses why the reality TV celeb might be doing that?

OUT: Two gay men vacationing on the French island of Corsica were brutally attacked by group of up to 20 men while a large crowd gathered and watched but did nothing to stop the brutal assault.

It Gets Better: Regular readers of TRR know I’m not only a huge supporter of the Olympic Games but especially the Paralympic Games. Check out the journey of out lesbian Courtney journey who will be competing in wheelchair basketball for Team USA at this year’s Games.

Instinct Magazine: Michael Henderson, the popular head coach of Murrieta Valley High School’s cheer and student program in southern California, was abruptly fired from his job last month. Henderson says he was fired for being gay and has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit alleging that the process leading to his dismissal was “flawed.”

Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications including out swimmer Michael Gunning covering the latest from Attitude Magazine.

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4WWL: Alan Scott Lanoix tested positive for COVID-19 and spent 17 days in the hospital with several on a ventilator. His wife and 3 sons all tested positive too. Lanoix died June 9 at 54 years old. According to his sister, “He thought the vaccine was poison.”

AP: Investigation by the Associated Press finds fewer than 200 cases of potential voter fraud identified by Arizona’s local election officials out of 3.4 million ballots cast in last year’s presidential election.

News Round-Up: June 21, 2021

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Some news items you might have missed:

The Gaily Grind: 18-year-old Gage Burlile has been arrested after stealing and destroying 25 Pride flags in Boise, Idaho.

The Advocate: A gay couple in East Cove, Florida, are refusing to take down a small Pride flag flying from their mail box after their HOA informed them it was against neighborhood regulations.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Kenneth’s weekly feature for ‘Manspread Monday’ is a cutie.

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The Hill: The defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager who is accused of fatally shooting two people and injuring a third at a protest sparked by the police shooting of Jacob Blake last August, has raised $464,111 since March 1. His trial is scheduled for November.

LGBTQ Nation: Mexico’s soccer team is begging fans to stop chanting homophobic slurs at their games. After receiving one of the toughest punishment from FIFA in recent years, Mexico’s team president scolded fans: “To those who think it’s fun to yell it out, I have news for you. It’s not.”

CNBC: As more and more major corporations embrace the rainbow during Pride Month, more consumers are paying attention to the companies that are allies more than one month a year.