News Round-Up: August 27, 2022

News Round-Up: August 27, 2022
Michele Marrone, Simone Sussina (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: Michele Marrone and Simone Sussina (above) heat up the Netflix film, The Next 365 Days.

Queerty: The celebrated drama Private Desert hits U.S. theaters this weekend after premiering at the Venice Film Festival last year and becoming Brazil’s official pick for the Best International Feature Film Oscar.

The Advocate: Transgender woman Maddie Hofmann, 47, was shot to death by police in Malvern, Pa., in May, news that has only recently been widely reported. The were reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis at the time.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s weekly round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications including DNA Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive 2022” issue.

DNA Magazine 'Sexiest Men Alive 2022'

AP News: U.K. residents will see an 80% increase in their annual household energy bills following a record 54% spike in April. That will bring costs for the average customer from 1,971 pounds ($2,332) a year to 3,549 pounds thanks to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

New York Times Editorial Board: The NY Times says Donald Trump must be indicted if guilty.

The disturbing details of his post-election misfeasance, meticulously assembled by the Jan. 6 committee, leave little doubt that Mr. Trump sought to subvert the Constitution and overturn the will of the American people. 


Yet it is a far greater risk to do nothing when action is called for. Aside from letting Mr. Trump escape punishment, doing nothing to hold him accountable for his actions in the months leading up to Jan. 6 could set an irresistible precedent for future presidents.