New Doc-Film ‘Studio One Forever’ + More News

New Doc-Film ‘Studio One Forever’ + More News

Some news items you might have missed:

The Queer Review: Studio One in West Hollywood, one of the first gay discos, operated from 1974-1993 and proved to be an oasis for so many at a time when the world treated the community like second class citizens. Read the 4-star review of the new doc-film Studio One Forever.

Washington Blade: Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning all gender-affirming care for transgender citizens.

Instagram: Out actor Cheyenne Jackson recently met up with his high school bully at  his 30th reunion where the bully apologized. Cheyenne also reminded Instagram he’s pretty buff.

The Advocate: House Republicans have scheduled a ‘mean-spirited’ hearing this week to discuss gender-affirming care. #RuhRoh

Twitter: Today in ‘Christian love’ – meet deranged preacher Aaron Thompson of the Verity Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington, who preaches that LGBTQ people are all — 100% — pedophiles, in this unhinged sermon featuring the word faggot over and over.