Mike Pence Tours Mayo Clinic Without Mask Despite Recommendations

Mike Pence Tours Mayo Clinic Without Mask Despite Recommendations
Vice President Mike Pence is the one without a mask (photo via press pool video)

The White House Coronavirus Task Force recommends wearing a face mask when out in public.

And yet…

From CNBC:

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday toured the Mayo Clinic without wearing a mask, despite that renowned medical facility telling him that masks are required for visitors and everyone else there to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Video from a journalist pool camera at the Mayo Clinic at one point shows that 10 people in the area around Pence, including a patient, were wearing masks and personal protective equipment.

Pence leads President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force.

The Mayo Clinic, which is located in Rochester, Minn., is requiring all patients, visitors and staff to wear a face-covering or mask to slow the spread of Covid-19.

CNBC goes on to report that the Mayo Clinic tweeted that it had, indeed, informed Pence of its mask-wearing policy.

A half-hour later, the tweet was deleted.

Pence’s spokeswoman, Katie Miller, told the New York Times last week Pence didn’t need a mask because, “Vice President Pence is negative for Covid-19 and is therefore not asymptomatic.”

Donald Trump has also said publicly that, despite medical experts recommendations, he doesn’t feel the need to wear one.

Remember when leaders led by example?