‘Homosexuality’ Trends On Twitter And The Gays Are Having It

The word ‘homosexuality’ is currently trending on Twitter as I write this with nearly 22,000 recent tweets using the term.

And no one really seems to know why.

But you know the gays, lesbians, and bis are all having it anyway turning the moment into a fun ‘homosexuality’ free-for-all.

Just a sample of the what’s what going on:

Funny: Michael Henry Is Ready For A ‘HOT HOMO SUMMER’

Writer/director/actor Michael Henry in 'Hot Homo Summer'
Michael Henry in ‘Hot Homo Summer’ (screen capture)

Funny guy Michael Henry has dropped the trailer for his upcoming 5-episode web series, “Hot Homo Summer.”

Henry, who has an erring eye and ear for the homo zeitgeist, shares on the YouTube page, “If some people are having a ‘Hot Vax Summer’ or a ‘Hot Girl Summer I deserve to have a ‘Hot Homo Summer!’”

The series is written by Henry who shares co-directing duties with Paul McGovern Jr. McGovern also serves as director of photography and editor.

In the trailer, we get a rush of gay-gay-gay one-liners – “Nooooooo, not a ‘Snickers d**k!” – delivered rapid-fire by a who’s who of actors who’ve appeared in Henry’s previous short films.

Those chronicling homo-life in Henry’s ‘West Hollywood’ include Johnny Sabilly, John Duff, Brandon Rogers, Chad Westbrook, Chris Renfro, Logan Jennings (‘Meatball’), and many more.

As cast member Chris Brandon wrote in the comments, “This is like when the first Avengers movie came out, but it’s Michael Henry characters. Welcome to the MHU.”

Henry says the episodes will be released weekly. No release date announced yet, but as Henry notes at the end of the trailer, “Coming quickly…” #LOL

Hit the play button and you can find my previous coverage of Mr. Henry’s comedic antics here.

(screen capture)

Chris Meloni On His Swag: ‘Sure, I’m A Zaddy’

'Law & Order' star Chris Meloni
'Law & Order' star Chris Meloni
‘Law & Order’ star Chris Meloni (image via Instagram)

Former Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni (now in his own franchise spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime) has long been on our radar not only for his obvious ‘daddydom’ but that bootylicious backside.

And the fun part of it all is Meloni (and his wicked sense of humor) is totally down with us noticing those marvelous melons.

In a new feature with Interview Magazine, Meloni addresses several topics head-on including how those gonzo glutes came to be.

“This is what has happened,” says Meloni. “I’ve been blessed with glutes that have an attractive shape. But I have a trainer, and we’re going through bodybuilding phases, and where everyone kind of caught me was that I’d been preparing for one year in a very high-intensity weight training program that actually focused on legs.”

Our man Meloni added, “So I guess you could argue that the glute-peeping public are now reaping the benefits of all that hard work.”

Yes. Definitely count us as the ‘gluten-peeping public’ and we publicly applaud the hard work. And Meloni’s sassy Twitter responses are the icing on those ‘cakes.’

Interview also queries our hero on if he really is the ‘zaddy’ we see him to be. (The Urban Dictionary defines zaddy as a “handsome, fashionable, sexy man with swag.”

True to form, Meloni is straight-up on the label: “I’ve been called that a lot, and who am I to argue with it? Sure, I’m a zaddy.”


Interview also features Meloni in a retro-style photoshoot capturing some tongue-in-cheek workout pics while he addresses other topics like his ‘favorite tool in the house’ and more.

While we’re here, for a little #FBF action, let’s peruse just a bit of Meloni’s social media where he puts some of that swag on display. #BestButtInPrimeTime

Michael Henry On Gay Couples Who Look Alike

Michael Fariss plays twin roles in Michael Henry's new short film 'Twin F**ks'
Michael Fariss plays twin roles in Michael Henry's new short film 'Twin F**ks'
Michael Fariss (screen captures via YouTube)

Have you ever noticed some gay couples look like they are dating twin versions of themselves?

Some folks might use the term ‘doppelbangers’ but funny man Michael Henry has his own term for the scenario.

In his new short film, Henry is out walking in the park with Frank (Michael Fariss) who shares the news that he’s seeing someone new who is nothing like his usual boyfriends.

Declaring he’s totally over the “generic WeHo type,” Frank describes his new boo Hank as “rough around the edges,” “exotic,” and having “extra ‘cushion for the pushin.’”

But when Hank arrives, Henry can’t hide his reaction: ‘Y’all are twin f**ks! Clone twins! Doppelgängers!”

Funny man Michael Henry
Michael Henry (screen capture)

However, the new beaus completely disagree. Hank points out that Frank wears glasses, and Frank points to Hank’s scruff as another defining difference.

Henry’s take is that gays who dates guys who look like themselves are narcissists who just want to have sex with themselves.

Again, Hank & Frank contend they are ‘different.’

“Hank is fat,” whispers Frank. “He’s 185 and I’m 182.”

“And I wear hats,” Hank points out.

Cue the Elaine Stritch quote…

It is true that some gays are attracted to guys who might have similar tastes in clothes or grooming. But sometimes, current fads and fashions could play a part in the ‘twin’ equation, no?

What do you think, readers? Is it narcissistic to date someone who might look similar to yourself? Or is it just coincidence when a gay couple seems like twins?

Let me know in the comments section.