Michael Henry: Things Gays Will (And Won’t) Put In Their Bodies

Adrian Anchondo in Michael Henry's latest gay life video
Adrian Anchondo (screen capture)

When funny guy Michael Henry runs into Randy (Adrian Anchondo) on the streets of West Hollywood, it quickly becomes clear that Randy is not up for the coronavirus vaccine.

“I don’t know what’s in that,” says Randy with a shrug.

But Henry points out that not only does Randy smoke cigarettes and buy gas station viagra but he hippy hopped down to Mexico for the super-spreader event known as the Jeffrey Sanker New Year’s Eve White Party – “but you won’t take a vaccine?”

Randy does share that he did all the proper preparing for PV during a pandemic – “Botox, filler, and some juice to make my muscles look swole.”

More stuff Randy puts in his body – but won’t take a vaccine…

Hit the play button below as Michael Henry tries to make sense out of the circular logic.