Louisville Officials Agree To $12 Million Settlement With Family Of Breonna Taylor

Louisville Officials Agree To $12 Million Settlement With Family Of Breonna Taylor
Deceased emergency room tech Breonna Taylor (AFP/Getty Images/Fair Use)

City officials in Louisville, Kentucky, have agreed to a $12 million settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor,  a young Black woman who was killed by white police officers during a botched drug raid.

The officers were barged through the front door of Taylor’s apartment while executing a ‘no-knock’ warrant in the middle of the night as Taylor and her boyfriend were in bed.  No drugs were found on the premises.

The city has also announced plans to

From the New York Times:

The settlement of a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by relatives of Ms. Taylor, a young Black woman killed by white officers in a botched drug raid six months ago, is expected to be announced Tuesday by the family’s legal team and city officials, according to those briefed on the agreement.

Besides the multimillion-dollar settlement, among the highest to be awarded in a police killing in recent years, the city has also agreed to institute a number of changes in policing. They will impose more scrutiny on officers during the execution of search warrants, like the one that precipitated the death of Ms. Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency room technician, and make mandatory safeguards that were common practice in the department but were not followed the night of the March 13 raid.

Ms. Taylor died after her boyfriend said he mistook police officers for an intruder, as they rammed in the door of her apartment after midnight to execute a search warrant. He fired his handgun, striking one of the officers, setting off a response in which a torrent of bullets sliced through Ms. Taylor’s apartment and two adjoining ones, leaving her bleeding in her hallway.

There was no effort to render her aid, as the officers outside scrambled to get an ambulance for the wounded officer.