Kohl’s Holiday Ad Lands With Viewers

Kohl’s Holiday Ad Lands With Viewers

An analysis by Ace Metrix found Kohl’s 2020 holiday ad titled “Give With All Your Heart” scored high across several metrics and it’s easy to see why.

From PopSugar:

Set to the song “Rainbow Connection,” viewers see a girl attempt to get to know her elderly neighbor by posting signs in her window. Seemingly set amid COVID-19, the pair enjoys some wholesome back and forth before the neighbor disappears without explanation.

After what appears to be weeks of waiting, the girl begins to lose hope. However, on Christmas morning, the woman returns.

She is wearing a hospital bracelet, likely having experienced a significant health scare or contracted COVID-19. We see them reunite, and once the woman holds up a sign saying, “Did you get what you wished for?” it’s hard not to tear up.

I love it when a message is clear without hitting you over the head. This is quite lovely.

(h/t JoeMyGod)