Judge Blocks Tennessee Anti-Drag Law + More News

Tennessee lawmakers have introduced their own "Don't Say Gay" legislation which would prohibit discussion of LGBTQ topics on any level in schools.

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: A federal judge Friday granted a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of Tennessee’s anti-drag law against a Pride festival taking place in Blount County Saturday.

Axios: Top GOP donors are pushing Sen. Tim Scott’s team for more detail about his bachelor status before deciding how much to support him in the presidential campaign. Basically, Trump supporters are spreading rumors that Scott might be – gasp! – gay.

Florida Politics: Prosecutors want former Florida state Rep. Joe Harding (who authored the hideous Don’t Say Gay bill) to serve some time in prison over charges he committed fraud to secure $150,000 in pandemic-era bailouts.

LGBTQ Nation: A Kansas judge’s ruling has laid the groundwork to block trans people from changing the gender listed on their birth certificates.

CNBC: The U.S. economy added 187,000 new jobs in August, above the Dow Jones estimate of 170,000.

Washington Post: Cities and counties in Texas are making it illegal for women to travel on their roads in order to reach out-of-state abortion clinics.