News Round-Up: April 21, 2021

Antonio aka 'Fitness Papi'
Antonio aka 'Fitness Papi'
Antonio aka FitnessPapi (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: Antonio, aka FitnessPapi (above), is IM’s ‘InstaHottie of the week’ – and for good reason. Follow him on Instagram here.

The Advocate: Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat in a state with a GOP-controlled legislature, has quietly implied she may veto an anti-transgender bill that would bar trans girls and women from competing on female sports teams at the state’s public schools, colleges, and universities.

Gr8erDays: Tony Danza (Taxi, Who’s The Boss?) turns 70 today. The forever hunk never stops working it seems from his TV shows to Broadway (The Producers, Honeymoon in Vegas) to hosting gigs. Happy happy, Tony D!

NewNowNext: Australian superstar Kylie Minogue, along with her equally fabulous sister Dannii Minogue, have been ‘RuVealed’ as guest judges for the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.

Democracy Docket: The Arizona House has approved a new bill that would purge over 100,000 voters from the state’s Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL). SB 1485 would remove voters who don’t vote in two consecutive primary and general elections from the list. Conservative radio personality Chris Baker was fired Wednesday after posting an offensive tweet about the Derek Chauvin verdict. In a statement, iHeartRadio called the tweet “completely inappropriate and unacceptable.” Baker blamed the ‘mistake’ on being “a fat-fingered boomer on Twitter.”

News Round-Up: April 11, 2021

Sebastian Lletget (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

Pink News: Major League Soccer has launched an investigation into LA Galaxy’s Sebastian Lletget (above) over a homophobic slur in a video he posted to Instagram.

Washington Blade: President Biden called for ramping up funds in the first year of his administration to beat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. In his initial budget request to Congress, he signaled he would continue the PrEP-centric initiative that began in the previous administration.

Metrosource: The new hardcover book, On Fire: The Firefighters of France, is a curated collection of the best portraits and smoking shots from the wildly popular French firefighter calendars, personally selected by creator Fred Goudon.

AP News: After promoting doubt about the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine made using the previously experimental messenger RNA, or mRNA, process, a top Chinese health official publicly admitted Chinese COVID-19 vaccines aren’t very effective saying they “don’t have very high protection rates.”

Wichita Eagle: Kansas Senate Republicans ousted Sen. Gene Suellentrop as majority leader Friday after he was charged with leading police on a drunken 90 mile an hour, wrong-way chase down Interstate 70.

HIVPlus Mag: A potential HIV vaccine is showing very promising results in Phase I human trials. The vaccine works by stimulating the production of rare immune cells that generate HIV-resistant antibodies. Such a result was found in 97 percent of human participants administered the potential vaccine.

Kansas Cop Faked Story Of McDonald’s Coffee Labeled “F**king Pig”

A police officer in Kansas has admitted he fabricated the story of a McDonald’s employee writing “f**king pig” on his coffee cup.


A Kansas police officer who initially claimed McDonald’s employees wrote “F—–g pig” on his cup has resigned, the city’s police chief said.

“In (our) investigation we have found that McDonald’s and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do with this incident, this was completely and solely fabricated by a Herington police officer who is no longer employed with our agency,” Herington Police Department Chief Brian Hornaday said in a news conference Monday.

The incident, the chief said, has been an “obvious violation of … public trust.”

“Our job is solely to do this job with the utmost integrity because if you can’t trust the cops, who can you trust,” he said.

After McDonald’s conducted its own investigation, the owner and operator of the Junction City franchise said in a statement the fast-food chain was “glad that the evidence confirmed our evaluation that McDonald’s and our crew members were absolutely not involved.”

The now-fired police officer had been with the department for just two months.

After the officer texted the photo of the coffee cup to Hornaday on Saturday, the police chief posted it on his personal Facebook account, which clearly became embarrassing after discovering the story was faked.

News Round-Up: November 9, 2018

InstaHunk Joel Green leads off this installment of "News Round-Up"
Joel Green (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• Whether it’s ‘fitness motivation’ or a bribe to get you to come read this news round-up, you have to admit InstaHunk Joel Green (above) is crushing it.

• Kansas’ New Democratic governor has announced she will restore protections for LGBTQ folks that her predecessor repealed.

• One more LGBTQ victory from Tuesday night’s elections – Hennepin County chose openly gay Dave ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson to be its next Sheriff over incumbent anti-immigration, pro-Trump incumbent Rich Stanek.

• Many were stunned when Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum came up short Tuesday night in his bid to become the next governor of Florida considering he was an average of 6 points ahead of his opponent in the polls. It now appears his and the high-profile race for U.S. Senator are headed for recounts.

• Last year, Donald Trump Jr. testified that he never informed his father about the now-infamous meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian government attorney. New York Magazine reports the Special Counsel investigation has obtained proof that Junior might have lied. Don Jr. has apparently been telling close confidants he expects to be indicted any day now.

• ‘Gays for Trump’ founder Peter Boykin lost his North Carolina House race Tuesday bigly.

• International superstar Andrea Bocelli proves he’s still at the top of his game as his new album ‘Sì’ debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

His duet “Fall On Me” with his (gorgeous) son, Matteo, is exquisite.

And here’s his collaboration with pop star Dua Lipa  – “If Only” – from the new collection.

News Round-Up: June 22, 2018

InstaHunk Obaid Habibi

Some news items you might have missed:

• I’d love to lie and tell you this is my new assistant, but alas, no. It’s InstaHunk Obaid Habibi hanging out at his laptop 🙂

• A Kansas man was arrested trying to have sex with a parked car. I kid you not.

• A promising HIV vaccine demonstrated its power by neutralizing HIV strains in animals and is almost ready for human testing.

• A cop, charged with rape and indecent assault and battery performed in a broom closet, says the sex was consensual. At the time of the encounter, the officer was married to a woman who happened to be the chief of police.

• S-Curve Records has signed this year’s Eurovision Song Contest champ Netta. The Israeli pop maverick’s viral smash “Toy” has been viewed over 76 million times since the competition.

• 60% of LGBTQ+ student loan borrowers say they regret taking out student loans. On average, LGBTQ borrowers have $112,607 in student loan debt — $16,000 more than the general population average of $96,211.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement authorities need a warrant before tracking a cell phone’s location data. In the ruling, SCOTUS likened cell phones to GPS ankle monitors.

• Barbra shared this short clip via Instagram and I had to watch five times. From “Barbra The Concert,” its currently available on Netflix.

Kansas: A Case Of ‘Auto-Interruptus’ As Perp Tries To Penetrate Parked Car

Kansas man Ryan Malek was arrested for trying to copulate with a parked car's tailpipe
(image via The Smoking Gun)

I’ve heard of men loving their cars, but this story takes vehicular affection to a whole different level.

According to The Smoking Gun, Ryan Malek, a 23-year-old Kansas man, was charged Wednesday with lewd and lascivious behavior when he attempted to copulate with a parked car in public with six witnesses present.

I kid you not. And some folks think gay sex is weird?

Police were summoned to the scene in Newton, Kansas, 25 miles south of Wichita on May 1 where they found the young man trying to insert his penis into the tailpipe of a car parked at an apartment complex.

However, there was no crossing the finish line of this ménage-à-truck as it was auto-interupptus when police tasered the man and took him into custody.

Malek is accused of exposing himself with the intent of arousing or gratifying “sexual desires.” Who said romance was dead?

He heads back to court on July 19 to explain his clearly intoxicated actions.

While there is an established fetish called “mechanophilia,” which includes sexual attraction to bikes, helicopters, ships, and airplanes, I thinking this was a case of acting out from the alcohol in his system which was four times the legal limit.

That means he had a dangerously high .32 BAC.

The guy seems cute and could probably find a human to have sex with, don’t you think?

News Round-Up: May 18, 2018

(image via Instagram/Andrew Serkin)

Some news items you might have missed:

• I know its Friday, folks, but the rules are you have to finish your chores (above) before you get to have fun…

• Land Rover took back their sponsored car from rugby star Israel Folau over his anti-LGBT comments saying gay people will go to hell if they don’t “repent of their sins and turn to God.”

• Bill Gates shared with a crowd at a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation meeting that Donald Trump twice asked him if there was a difference between HIV and HPV. “He wanted to know if there was a difference between HIV and HPV,” Gates said of Trump. “So I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other.”

• Alabama’s only openly gay state legislator, State Rep. Patricia Todd, has had a job offer rescinded from an LGBT non-profit after she publicly announcing Republican Gov. Kay Ivey is a closeted lesbian.

• This “straight” prison guard was found guilty of repeatedly having sex with 3 prisoners and now faces up to 125 years in jail himself.

• The Peace Corps is removing gay men from the organization who test positive for HIV.

• Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has signed anti-LGBT adoption legislation making his state the latest to enact a “religious freedom” law enabling taxpayer-funded agencies to deny placement into LGBT homes.

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer

Podcast: Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Discrimination In Kansas & Oklahoma; Adam Rippon Slays On DWTS; 2018 Tony Award Nominations; Pride Nights At Major League Baseball

In this week’s LGBTQ headlines:

• Oklahoma and Kansas state legislatures pass anti-LGBTQ adoption laws

• A new survey of over 40,000 Americans shows acceptance for same-sex marriage has hit 61%

• Ireland moves to ban so-called “conversion therapy”

• The ‘boys of summer’ are back and most Major League Baseball teams have scheduled special LGBT Pride Nights (head over to for a complete list of MLB Pride Nights)

• Drag queen Ada Vox exits American Idol with her head held high

• Tony Kushner’s Angels In America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes became the most Tony-nominated play in history as the 2018 Tony Award nominations were announced

• Adam Rippon came to slay on the premiere of the all-athletes season of Dancing with the Stars

All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report