It’s the Day of Show in Sacramento!

The show photographer snapped this of me while I was checking some lights during a final tech rehearsal

CHICAGO the Musical opens tonight at Sacramento Music Circus! What an adventure this has been. Big thanks to Glenn Casale and Scott Klier for giving me to opportunity to play in their sandbox. The cast and crew have been uber-amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of the work they’ve done. And of course, my director Ron Kellum.

Thank god for my associate Kathryn Murphy for her great work not only on the choreography side of things, but her fab performance as “Hunyak” – easily one of the high points in the show.

Lindsay Roginski is gorgeous, and Tom Hewitt deserves every praise and accolade (and Tony Award nomination) you’ve ever heard about him. He is a god among “Billy Flynns.” It goes without saying how great it is to reunite with Brenda Braxton and Roz Ryan. As expected, all hold the audience in the palm of their hands each time they take the stage.

And then there’s the ensemble – the backbone of the American Musical, as I like to call them.  I’ve done the show with so many of this group as a fellow actor; getting to explore this piece with them now in the role of choreographer has been a gift.  Mark Reis, Juliet Fischer, Christine Bokhour, Chris Holly, Destan Owens, Chuck Seculla, Evelyn Tonn, Melanie Waldron, Leslie Stevens, Adam Pellegrine, Aaron Felske and Chris Houston.

If you’re in the Sacramento area, please come see these fab creative folks.  More info about the show on the Sacramento Music Circus website.

I salute all of you who did not panic or crack under the pressure of this pretty tight rehearsal period.  You rock.

Kick, ball change kids.

And all that jazz…