InstaHunks: Maluma Mornings, Buff Bunnies, Beach Bears + More

International pop star Maluma (via Instagram)
International pop star Maluma (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks starting with international pop star Maluma, who wondered which fans were morning people?

With the Easter holiday upon us, Jean Paolo DiLorenzo was giving off “bad bunny” vibes…

… while Mark Welke was a more gold/blond buff bunny:

DJ went for a different style of “bunny” for Easter:

Bobby Maru was ears up on Good Friday:

Surfbearla was a “muscle bunny” mood:

Gvstavo was ginger goodness personified in Spain:

Ryan Cleary did the spa day thing:

Dr. Demetre was ready for #Dadurday:

Hector Fallas was waiting for a ride:

Max Emerson took a poll:

Okkar Min Maung had something to say about “bad habits:”

Mr. Dnsk hopped on the Barbie movie bandwagon…

…and Nyle DiMarco threw back to his Ken doll days:

JT says he’s a “good boy:”

Kevin Davis was rocking a ‘stache look:

Mauro wanted his vacation to last forever…

…as out country music artist Cameron Hawthorn felt rejuvenated and refilled in Mexico:

Steve Pennells was going for those last rays of Australian summer:

Mega woofers got down at the Barracks in Palm Springs:

Shomari Francis was in a renaissance kind of mood:

Looks like there was a daddy bear jamboree in Spain this week: