InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in on some of my favorite InstaHunks including Nurse Joe who sent greetings from snowy Boston.

Matt Pappadia stopped wearing his heart on his sleeve (so he could wear it as pajama bottoms instead).

Bruno Tarchetti wore his Sunday chapeau at the pool:

“Lonestar: 9-1-1” actor Brian Michael Smith could feel his doggo T’Challa judging him:

Henry Cavill broke his holiday ‘radio silence’ to show off his holiday cooking:

Thara showed off his big…gym:

SurfBearLA began his new year (where else?) at the beach:

Podcaster Andre Chandler took the 10 Year Challenge:

CBS News guy Thomas Hanson shared a peek behind the scenes of reporting the news:

Latin pop star Maluma was on vacation:

Sam Cushing was on guncle duty:

Dominik Sheri spotted a bear in the woods:

Levi Marsman got two ‘workouts’ in one:

SportsBubbleButt had wrestling on their mind:

Corey Andrew got his hairs cut and was down with it:

WriterRedOfficial was all about sharing the rainbow: