InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

InstaHunk Dan Tai (via Instagram)

UK hottie Dan Tai (above), who loves to travel, wants to know if we like the view. #UmmYeah Follow Dan on Instagram here.

Artist Anthony Varrecchia kept it real in the gym, and now wants to “kick it up in high gear.”

Victor Calderon is clearly a morning person (and afternoon person, and evening person…):

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald celebrated National Dentist Day on Saturday. My dentist never looks like this…

Car designer Bryan Thompson got ready to take a ‘walk & talk:’

Comedy duo Dick and Duane are still staring at each other after 39 years:

Max Emerson had a moment with a cucumber. We’ve all been there, Max, trust and believe…

Gymbear Wes Dupee kept it classy at the gym:

Ignacio Pérez Rey claims he’s “too shy to say….?” #DontLeaveUsHanging

Bruno Baba is surprised he’s getting more followers after getting what he calls “chubby:”