InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Dan Tai pauses to pose with a pachyderm

Checking in on my favorite hunks of Instagram this fine Sunday.

First up, fitness model Dan Tai (above) paused to pose with a pachyderm.

Grey’s Anatomy star Alex Landi knows how to find his light:

Fitness guru and doctor of dental medicine Curtis Fitzgerald paused in a pensive moment:

Cheyenne Jackson grew a beard for work reasons. His hubby likes but his kiddos say it’s scratchy. #wildandwooly

SportsBubbleButt had soccer (and other things) on their mind:

Olympic diver Tom Daley did a sassy photoshoot for Man About Town Magazine:

Actor and singer Jim Newman has decided he’s going to nap with his boo until the end of the pandemic. “Hey Siri, set an alarm for…”

Joel Green ignored the sand and soaked up the sun in Spain:

Marketing and communications specialist Raynald Rabindra Soeharto wants to “stay weird, be unique.”

Bremen Menelli ran up a hill in North Carolina and shared the “view.”

Max Emerson is on Day 6 of his Canadian quarantine in Montreal:

Gustavo Spolini captured the magic of a New York City sunset. #coolpic

InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

InstaHunk Pierre Vuala
InstaHunk Pierre Vuala
Pierre Vuala (image via Instagram)

Checking in on some of our favorite InstaHunks this week…

First up, Wilhelmina model Pierre Vuala (above) shares a moment from a good day ‘where the sun resides.’ Follow him on Instagram here.

Sean O’Donnell got creative framing his selfie using the California sunset for a backdrop:

Dental doc Curtis Fitzgerald urges us to up our kitchen game, and trust us – the hunger is real:

Marc Burgum admits he’s been short on his gym selfie game since the pandemic began but is trying to rectify the situation.

Designer Anthony Varrecchia showed of some country living in the Catskills:

Bremen Menelli has a sports ball and he’s not afraid to use it:

Dan Tai shared his favorite beach in Bali, Indonesia:

On the first day of spring, The Griffopotamus was already trying out new swim lewks in advance of warmer weather:

Chicago-based trainer Michael (the self-styled Blacktain America) had a moment with Spiderman at the Chicago Museum’s Marvel exhibit:

Fitness guru Nathan McCallum had fun in the sun with his favorite fur-ball. Check him navigating that sandy beach – those thighs aren’t just for looking at:

InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Pierre Vuala
Pierre Vuala
Pierre Vuala (image via Instagram)

Checking in with the Hunks of Instagram this weekend.

Wilhelmina model Pierre Vuala (above) had a good Sunday – hope everyone else did, too.

I’ll admit I’ve always thought Max Emerson is a knockout. Turns out I’m right:


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Bruno Tarchetti gave you morning coffee eyes:


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Jim Newman decided to just hang around in Brazil:


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Billy Reilich got in some sports ball on the beach:


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Somehow my Chevron station attendant never looks like Arizona bodybuilder Jett Wayne:


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Curtis Fitzgerald, Doctor of Dental Medicine, reminds us the goal of all this is to be our own personal best.


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