Greener Grass, Greek Beaches + More InstaHunks

Greener Grass, Greek Beaches + More InstaHunks
Jeff Ferreira (image via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Jeff Ferreira, who’s looking good in Greece.

Matt Lister is rethinking his knob work:

Shomari Francis was thinking less, reflecting more:

Bremen Menelli celebrated National Dog Day in grand style:

Matthew Camp got ready for another day:

Romance novel model Kevin Davis was floating through life:

Max Emerson was hiding in plain sight:

Kasey Butler can confirm the grass is greener even in the desert:

Kevin Carnell is working his way through the cruel summer:

Gustavo spent time with his pup:

News guy Steven Romo got his game on:

Mirandaman took a midnight swim:

Nathan calls this the result of a “decent” shoulder workout:

Karlitos had an adventure:

Hector Fallas felt the cinnamon vibe:

Dragos misses walking on the beach:

Rico says to be careful in the steam room – could be too hot to handle: