Global Approval Of U.S. Leadership Up +19 Since Trump’s Departure

A new Gallup report shows median approval of U.S. leadership is at 49%. That’s an increase of 19 points since the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Global approval of U.S. leadership has soared 19 points since Donald Trump left the White House
(graphic via Gallup)

That 49% approval matches President Obama’s first year (2009) in office. The survey included respondents from 46 countries and territories.

More from Gallup:

Ratings improved the most — by at least 40 points — among several European allies, including Portugal (52 points), the Netherlands (45 points), Norway (42 points) and Sweden (41 points).

Importantly, the U.S. also regained ground among the countries in the G7, with ratings rising 38 points in Canada, 36 points in Germany, 30 in the United Kingdom, 22 points in Italy, 18 points in France and 11 points in Japan.