GLAAD Reports On LGBTQ-Inclusivity In 2019 Movies

Paramount’s ‘Rocketman’ was one of the more prominent LGBTQ-inclusive movies of 2019

Last week, GLAAD released its 8th annual Studio Responsibility Index, tracking LGBTQ representation in major studio films in 2019. This report is essential for assessing the quality, quantity, and diversity of LGBTQ characters in films released annually and setting the path for representation moving forward.

One of GLAAD’s most significant contributions to the media landscape is assessing LGBTQ representation, and holding major players accountable when there are efforts to erase the experience of LGBTQ people. The report is intended to serve as a road map toward increasing fair, accurate and inclusive LGBTQ representation in film.

GLAAD found that of the 118 films released from the eight major studios tracked in 2019:

• 22 (18.6%) included characters that were LGBTQ representing a slight increase from the previous year’s report (+0.4 percentage points) and the highest percentage of inclusive films found in the eight-year history of the report.

• 56% appeared for less than three minutes of total screen time, with 21 of the 50 receiving less than one minute of screen time. Only nine films from the 8 major studios included an LGBTQ character who had more than ten minutes of screen time.

• More bad news – there was a significant decrease in the racial diversity of LGBTQ characters in major films for the second year in a row. In 2019, just 34 percent (17) of LGBTQ characters were people of color. This is down from 42 percent in the previous report and from 57 percent in the year before that.

• The report found zero transgender characters in major studio films, and only three movies included bisexual characters.

In 2018, GLAAD issued a challenge to major studios asking for an increase to 20 percent representation by the end of 2021, and up that to 50 percent LGBTQ representation by the year ending 2024.

GLAAD is extending that challenge to ensure that within the next two years, at least half of LGBTQ characters in major studio films are people of color.

For more information how you can help GLAAD fight for more fair LGBTQ representation in the media, click here.

(source: GLAAD)