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New Music: Kitty Coen Has A ‘Dark Soul’ (And It’s A Good Thing)

Kitty Coen in ‘Dark Soul’ (image via Instagram)

Any press release that begins with “Psychedelic disco cowgirl realness” is definitely going to get my attention.

That’s how Texas-based artist Kitty Coen describes her new song and music video, “Dark Soul.”

“I wanted to take the viewer on a psychedelic trip through the mind of Kitty Coen,” says the indie singer/songwriter. “‘Dark Soul’ is a song about being in love or infatuated with something at first glance because of its beauty but then realizing that nothing is as it seems.”

Coen says the tune was originally written on acoustic guitar in a friend’s garage. But as she performed it live, she realized the song was, and needed to be, “bigger.” So, she went to Nashville to work on it with her producer and “re-worked it into a western disco dance track.”

Acknowledging her musical upbringing on a lot of country music, Coen is clear: “This isn’t country, it’s more like Dolly Parton on an acid trip.”

Check out the groovy alt-rock/electropop bop set in Coen’s glam neon world below. You can follow Miss Kitty on Instagram here.