George Santos: Same-Sex Parents Are An ‘Attack’ On ‘Family Unit’

George Santos: Same-Sex Parents Are An ‘Attack’ On ‘Family Unit’

During a 2020 appearance on the conservative YouTube show “Indivisible with John Stubbins,” out gay Rep. George Santos declared that same-sex parents are “an attack on the family unit” which results in children becoming “troubled individuals.”

Transcript from the video clip:

“The family unit has been under attack for decades in different ways. The flavor of the decade is same-sex couples. To each their own, I don’t have anything against that, but they’re teaching in school that kids – that you don’t need a mommy and a daddy, you can can have two mommies and two daddies. I think that’s a little much for kids. That’s an attack on the family unit.


“One parent can’t parent two kids as well as two parents and there is always that feminine touch to boys from the mother and that masculine touch to boys from the father. Same thing goes for the daughters and it creates equilibrium and balance.

“The scales are tipped and there’s nobody left there and you have just one side, you start seeing troubled individuals. Troubled individuals are easier to manipulate and indoctrinate. And they buy pretty much anything and drink any Kool Aid you give them.”

It’s worth nothing that a 2014 study found children raised by same-sex parents thrive just as well as children raised by opposite-sex parents, but actually score better in regard to family cohesion and general health. That study echoed previous research which showed children do well in homes where they are well-cared for.

Remember – Santos is the guy who was living with a boyfriend in 2014 while he was legally married to a woman.

Plus, his supposed husband, Matheus Gerard, reportedly joined a Facebook adoption group last summer. So, I’m guessing he changes his mind just like he changes his name.

Watch below.

In other George Santos news, Reuters reporter Steven Grattan tweeted a video sent to him that seems to show Santos in drag in Brazil.

As Grattan notes, the person in the video (:30 mark) appears to be wearing the same dress, necklace and earrings as “Kitara Ravache” (Santos’ alleged drag alias) in photos shared by Brazilian drag queen Eula Rochard.

Santos has denied ever being a drag queen.

And a new wrinkle has emerged about Santos’ claim that his mother died as a result of the terror attacks on 9/11.

The fabulist has claimed his mother was “at her desk” on 9/11 in the World Trade Center, and she later died of cancer from exposure to toxins at ground zero.

But NBC News reports that, according to records reviewed by the network, Santos’s mother left the U.S. in 1999 for Brazil and did not return until 2003, two years after the attack.