Gallup: Trump Approval Drops To 38 Percent

Donald Trump during a White House press briefing (public domain)

Per Gallup’s Daily Tracking averages, Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 38 percent with his disapproval rating at 57 percent.

In regard to Trump’s full term to date, his highest approval rating via Gallup has been 49 percent, and his low 35 percent.

His average Gallup rating has been 40 percent approval.

For historical reference, the approval rating for other presidents in June of their fourth year:

• Barack Obama – 46 percent approval
• George W. Bush – 49 percent approval
• Bill Clinton – 55 percent approval
• George H.W. Bush – 37 percent approval
• Ronald Reagan – 54 percent approval
• Jimmy Carter – 32 percent approval
• Richard Nixon – 58 percent approval