Former George Santos Roommate: ‘He Told Me He Was A Model’ + More News

Former George Santos Roommate: ‘He Told Me He Was A Model’ + More News
George Santos and his alleged drag alias ‘Kitara’

Some news items you might have missed:

Curbed: A former roommate on living with George Santos: “He was home all day on his computer, just browsing the web, probably chatting with people.”

“He told me he was a model and that he worked at New York Fashion Week and that he met all the Victoria’s Secret models and would be in Vogue magazine.”

KARK: The Arkansas state Senate has approved a law that would ban “drag performances” outside adult venues like strip clubs. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has endorsed the legislation (of course).

New York Daily News: Nearly six out of 10 LGBTQ parents in Florida surveyed by the Williams Institute said that the enacting of the “Don’t Say Gay” law led them to consider moving to a different state — while 17% have already taken steps to do so.

New York Times: Hours before a 6-year-old boy shot his first-grade teacher in Virginia this month, school leaders were warned 3 times that the boy might have a gun, including an account from another child at the school who saw the gun at recess.

Reuters: Advertising spending on Twitter dropped by 71% in December despite traditionally being a time of higher ad spending as brands promote their products during the holiday season. #GoodGoingElon

NBC News: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) seriously has her sights set on being Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024, according to two people who have spoken to the controversial congresswoman about her ambitions. Reminder – a heartbeat away from the presidency…