Former ‘Fixer’ Says Trump Won’t Run In 2024, Afraid Of Being 2-Time Loser

Donald Trump’s former ‘fixer,’ Michael Cohen, said in a recent interview he thinks Trump is bluffing about running for president again in 2024 because he wouldn’t be able to stomach “being a two-time loser.”

From Insider:

“His insatiable need for attention is one reason he continues to flaunt this disingenuous 2024 run,” Michael Cohen said in an interview. “The other is he’s making more money doing that than anything he has ever done before.”

Trump has repeatedly teased a 2024 campaign since leaving office in January. The former president raised more money than any other Republican in the first half of the year and had a war chest of more than $100 million by the end of June, The New York Times reported over the summer, citing federal campaign filings.

“He’ll say he’s not going to run again because of bipartisan hatred for him or because of the Democrats or because he doesn’t want to put his family through any more,” Cohen said. “He cannot stomach the notion of being a two-time loser, but he will continue to grift until the very last second.”

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A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey found that Trump was the clear favorite to win the GOP’s 2024 nomination (58% support) should he choose to seek it.