Fake George Santos Tells More Truth Than The Real Thing

Harvey Guillén as Rep. George Santos on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Harvey Guillén as Rep. George Santos (screen capture)

CBS’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert viewers got the fake “truth” straight from the fake horse’s mouth when “Rep. George Santos” – the infamous GOP fabulist – dropped by this week to clear up all those pesky lies he’s told over the years.

“Here to tell us the truth about George Santos, please welcome Congressman George Santos,” said Colbert as the camera cut to Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows) in full Santos drag complete with green screened U.S. Capitol in the background.

Guillén: “Thank you for having me, Stephen. It’s an honor to be back on your show.”

Colbert: “This is actually your first time here.”

Guillén: “Not according to my IMBD. It says I’ve been a guest five times, and I was also your band leader, Jon Batiste.”

He went on to “prove” he’d earned degrees from NYU and Baruch College by proudly displaying t-shirts with “Baruch” and “NYU” written on them.

And Santos’ claims of being a former volleyball champ were settled once and for all when Guillén spiked a volleyball scoring an obvious touchdown.

There’s also a reference to Santos’ Brazilian drag persona, but I won’t spoil it. I will say the “fake” fake George Santos seems like a lot more fun than the “real” fake George Santos.