Facebook Removing Offers To Mail Abortion Pills

Facebook Removing Offers To Mail Abortion Pills
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On the day the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Facebook began removing posts by users who offered to mail abortion pills to people in states where the medication may soon be banned.

In some cases, the users were temporarily banned.

Via Vice:

“I will mail abortion pills to any one of you. Just message me,” said a message written by one person who was later banned.

The person told Motherboard in an email: “I posted it at 11 a.m. and was notified within a minute that it was removed. I was not notified until I tried to post later that I was banned for it.”

To corroborate this activity, on Friday a Motherboard reporter attempted to post the phrase “abortion pills can be mailed” on Facebook using a burner account.

The post was flagged within seconds as violating the site’s community standards, specifically the rules against buying, selling, or exchanging medical or non-medical drugs. The reporter was given the option to “disagree” with the decision or “agree” with it. After they chose “disagree,” the post was removed.

Motherboard was able to post the phrases “painkiller pills can be mailed,” “pills,” and “abortion” without issue.

Read more at Vice.

AP News is reporting an AP reporter tested how the company would respond to a similar post on Facebook, writing: “If you send me your address, I will mail you abortion pills.” The post was removed within one minute.

Additionally, the account was put on “warning” status. Facebook said the post violated its standards on “guns, animals and other regulated goods.” Yet, when the AP reporter made the same exact post but swapped out the words “abortion pills” for “a gun,” the post remained untouched.

There are now reports that the same thing is happening on Instagram.