Ever Wonder What Social Media Celebs Get Paid For “Sponsored” Posts?

Ever Wonder What Social Media Celebs Get Paid For “Sponsored” Posts?

The New York Times has an interesting article about the Federal Trade Commission cracking down on the paid posts of celebrities on social media, encouraging folks to make paid posts more obvious to viewers.

The article focuses mainly on how folks like Kylie Jenner are having to alter their language on social media from phrases like “Thanks for the birthday home, AirBNB” to “Thanks for the gift of a lovely birthday home, AirBNB.” The FTC is also advising folks add “#ad” or “#sponsored” at the start of those kinds of social media posts. The main point being that it should be clear to viewers the post is paid for.

At this point, we all know when we see a brand anywhere in social media, someone’s getting paid. But have you ever wondered how much?

Captiv8, a company that connects brands to influencers, says someone with three million to seven million followers can charge, on average, $187,500 for a post on YouTube, $75,000 for a post on Instagram or Snapchat and $30,000 for a post on Twitter. For influencers with 50,000 to 500,000 followers, the average is $2,500 for YouTube, $1,000 for Instagram or Snapchat and $400 for Twitter.

The NY Times article goes on to cite one Snapchat user who, with 700,000 followers, gets from $10K up for a sponsored “story,” which is a collection of video and stills that evaporates after 24 hours. The user mentions he booked five such posts the prior month.

So, kids, if you have a sizeable following somewhere, what are you waiting for?