Epic Fail For Republicans In California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom not only overcame a recall possibility, but put the state Republicans who attempted to recall him firmly back on their heels.

Republican Larry Elder already began sowing seeds of “voter fraud” before a single vote was counted. But consider the fact that registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in the state by nearly 2 to 1.  How do you argue ‘voter fraud’ in a state THAT blue?

With 62% of the vote in at this writing, Newsom is winning the “Should Newsom be replaced?” question with 66.6% saying ‘No’ to 33.4% voting ‘Yes.’ The word landslide is almost lame in this instance. #Blowout

Even in the reddest of counties – Orange County – Gavin garnered 56% support versus 44% naysayers.

Btw – reality celeb Caitlyn Jenner garnered a mere 1.2% of the vote at the time of this post.

“We said yes to science. We said yes to vaccines,” Newsom said in brief remarks at a news conference. “We said yes to ending his pandemic. We said yes to people’s right to vote without fear. We said yes to women’s constitutional right to decide.”

The state has one of the nation’s highest vaccination rates and one of its lowest rates of new virus cases — which the governor tirelessly argued to voters were the results of his vaccine and mask requirements.

According to the NBC News exit poll results of early and Election Day voters – 70% support Newsom’s mandate requiring students to wear masks in schools and 63% said getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is more a “public health responsibility” than a “personal choice.”

The sad fact of the matter is this faux fire drill cost the state upwards of $270 million.

Twenty-two to twenty-three percent of those in the exit polls cited homelessness as a top concern in the state today. Imagine how much impact $270 million could have made to address homelessness among countless other issues?