Donald Trump: Coronavirus Is The Democrats New ‘Hoax’

Donald Trump: Coronavirus Is The Democrats New ‘Hoax’

While fears and the number of coronavirus cases keep growing, Donald Trump held a rally and Mike Pence – who the president put in charge of the government’s response – held a fundraiser.

There are now 64 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States (over 85,000 worldwide) and the stock market lost over 3,500 points in one week, but Trump told his rally attendees that rising fears about the impending crisis is merely a ‘hoax’ brought by the Democrats.

“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump said. “They have no clue, they can’t even count their votes in Iowa.”

“This is their new hoax,” Trump continued, adding that attacking Trump’s response to the coronavirus is now the Democratic Party’s “single talking point.”

Watch the brief report from Brian Williams below.